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CVS import

This is my first password program. I have waited till my mid 70's to try to figure out how to use one. Too LATE. On one computer (I have 4 not counting iOS and Android) I moved all passwords to Edge. I'm just starting with one laptop. I don't use excel or know how. but I can get to WordPad. I read WordPad will make CVS file. Will I be wasting time trying this approach?  I need Paid call-in person to person old folks help phone number. I'm at the point where I don't remember where my scraps of notes off passwords are. I know this sounds pitiful and it is but one day we all get there. tks harry  

Hi Harry,

Thank you for contacting us, and it's great to hear you are starting to use a password manager! It's always better late than never =)  Unfortunately, we don't offer phone support, not even a paid option. However, I'm more than happy to help you here in the support forum or via email if you prefer.

In this case, since CSV files are not a very user-friendly way to move data into applications, I actually would not recommend trying to do this. There are a lot of formatting requirements to follow before importing data in that manner, and if you get something small wrong, the import will not work correctly, making it more difficult than simply entering the data manually. What this all means is that after you exported any data from an app like the Edge browser, you would have to move that data all around in order to make sure it conformed to mSecure's formatting requirements, and it's very easy to mess that process up if you're not accustomed to using CSV data.

So I would recommend entering your information manually into mSecure. While it will take some time, it will get you used to using the app, and if you have problems, I can answer questions as you go. Are you able to view the information you have stored in your Edge browser in any way right now?

Hi Mike, I guess my main problem is I don't type. I was a Carpentar by trade and typing wasn't in my wheelhouse. It took me 20min to type the first question, seriously. Second big problem is I have saved 282 simple passwords. So I have a big problem and chose this software after 2 days search of all the offerings. So i am thinking if I find a simple cvs program and set the columns up right to look like your setup I could export from edge and paste in Msecure. I found this little program . I just need to move things around on the csv program after I setup the columns right. Does this sound kind of dumb or maybe it might work? I have to figure out the little program first. thank you for replying before. Harry 

Hi Harry,

Thank you for the extra information, and I totally understand the problem you're running into here. I'm actually not sure if it would take more time to learn the csviewer app to get the data imported, or if it would be easier to type it in slowly. The good news about entering data in mSecure is that there is really not much typing involved. For the typical Login record, which most of, if not all, your data will be, it's just a Title, URL, Username and Password. Also, if you have the data exported to a CSV file, you can simply copy and paste the URL, Username and Password data from the exported data, so you would really only be typing in a title for the Login, like "Google" or "Amazon."

However, it's also good to learn new applications, and though you probably won't use CSV data much, it wouldn't hurt to lean the app and import your data that way. Let's do this, here is the link to the CSV import article that you would need to use for importing your data into mSecure:

Go ahead and look at that article and see what you think. You'll probably notice it's pretty technical, but that might not be a problem. You'll also notice that there will probably be some typing involved, but most of what you'll need to do is simply copy and paste data to different column's in your CSV file. At any rate, take a look at that article and let me know what you think.

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