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msecure 6 will not print

How do you print just one item and multiple items. I hit print it blinks and goes right back to same screen view with no printing taking place. 

Please disregard the response I sent to you in the other thread, and we'll keep our correspondence here in this one thread from here on out. Can you let me know what version of mSecure you're running along with the type of computer it's installed on? For the version number, I need the full number with periods and not just that it's mSecure 6. You can find that in the "About mSecure" section of the Settings on Windows or you can find it by clicking "mSecure > About mSecure" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen on Mac.

version lg laptop running window 11 

What happens when you use the instructions in this help article to print your data: Print information

I'll need specific information on what does and doesn't happen when you try to print your data. We don't have any know issues when it comes to printing, so if there is an issue you're running into, we'll just have to figure out what's causing it.

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