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Proper procedure to Change Log in passwords

I am sure I’m not approaching this task correctly so I ‘m sure I’m making it harder than it should be , so please direct me to the instructions cause I have a bunch of them to change. Thank You!

Hi Russell,

Thank you for contacting us. I can help you with anything in mSecure, but I'm not exactly sure what the problem is here. If you need to change passwords stored in your records, you simply select the record, and then edit it. Are you having a problem editing records you have stored in mSecure? If that's not it, can you give me more information on what's happening when you try to edit something in the app? Also, what type of device are you using?

I'm using an iPhone 12 promax and I'm trying to update passwords that need changed. Do I go into the area with the passwords that need changed and I hit the change password button and I'm asked which browser and I select your browser so then click the login website. Then drop the password and go in and I locate the password file and then I always end up having to recover the old one cause it always goes bad from there. I would like to understand what I'm not getting right. The browser just keeps plugging in the old password and I have to completely close everything do I can get back into msrvure and manually change the password. I know this should be easier than this and I don't have the extension in safari and can't seem to get it. Thanks!

Hi Russell,

One thing to mention here is that we have discovered a few problems with some websites when using the Security Center features for changing your password. I think that's what you're trying to do here, but I'm not entirely sure.

Before I write out instructions on how to change your passwords, can you send me more information on how you are going about the process? Are you opening mSecure's menu and tapping "Security Center" to view your weak, duplicate and old passwords? If so, are tapping the "Change password" button and seeing a message explaining what will happen? If you are, you shouldn't see any options for opening the link in either mSecure's browser or the Safari browser.

Yes I am changing passwords in as and websites as suggested in the security center. I go in the record click change password then a popup asks which browser I want I've been selecting the secure. Then I click the website link and it goes there and logs me in. Then I go find the password file. But then I'm in trouble because if I go to.the change dialog when it's time to change it the browser keeps putting in the old pass. If I try to go to secure to manually change it the browser just keeps plugging in the old one.

Hi Russell,

I'm sorry for the issue you're running into here. Part of what you're saying makes sense, but part of it doesn't. Here's how the full process should work:

  1. You tap on the option to change your password, and the URL stored in the corresponding record is launched in mSecure's browser
  2. You tap the option to sign in to your account on that site
  3. mSecure auto-fills your username and password
  4. You tap the option to change your password
  5. In the site's change password page, you tap the dice at the bottom of the screen and generate a new password
  6. The generated password is either copied to the clipboard or it's injected into the new password field(s)
  7. You submit the form to change the password, and mSecure detects the password change
  8. You update the record by tapping the appropriate button in the little popup on the screen
  9. You close the browser to go back to the Security Center, and the record is no longer there, because the password was updated in the mSecure app

The biggest problem now is, we have since found out there are some problems when using the mSecure Web Browser, both for changing passwords and for basic functionality. Our developer is working on fixes right now, which should be included in the 6.0.7 release we will be publishing as soon as possible. So until that new version is released, it would be best to change passwords in a more manual fashion I'll explain below.

To change the password manually, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Security Center
  2. Tap the Username field to copy the username to your clipboard
  3. Don't tap on the "Change Password" button, but instead, tap the title of the record you want to update
  4. After the record's details slide in, tap the Website/URL field, then choose to open the URL in Safari (not mSecure's Browser)
  5. Tap the option to sign in to your account on that site
  6. Long-tap the username field and paste the username into the field that's on your clipboard
  7. Go back to mSecure, and tap the Password field to copy it to your clipboard
  8. Go back to Safari, long-tap the password field then paste the password data that's on your clipboard
  9. Submit the form to sign in to your account
  10. Tap the option to change your password
  11. After the site's change password page loads, go back to mSecure, edit your record, then tap the refresh icon (looks like a circular arrow) to generate a new password
  12. After the new password is generated, save the record
  13. After the record is saved, tap the password field to place the new password onto your clipboard
  14. Go back to Safari long-tap the new password fields and paste the password data into both fields
  15. Submit the form to change your account's password

Thank You!

No problem at all Russell! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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