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Moving from Passwords Plust to mSecure Import issue

Good day folks, I'm not happy about loosing Passwords plus at all but when given no choice you do what ya gotta do. 

So I'm here and the first issue to appear is a special import feature for PWP users seems to be only available if we purchase on of the version of mSecure. 

Since Msecure is offered as a trial and that's exactly what I need as I'm going to be talking to a lot of my clients I want to fully vet this transition first. I down loaded from the MS store for Windows PC and the only option I saw to import was from some previous versions of mSecure. Obviously that dosen't help. 

How can we complete this import from PWP? 

I saw no other import options once setup was completed. 

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Same problem; import only worked for 107 of 495 passwords.    Considering a different solution if I have to create my own CSV file to transition.  

@Ronald Your issue sounds like a problem with the older version of mSecure before we published the fix yesterday. Can you please look in "About mSecure" in the Settings of the app and tell me what version you have installed? You should not see a problem where all your records are not imported if you are running version

@Mack I'm not sure if this is still an issue, or if you were simply wanting to clarify, but if you want to try importing the data again, I can go through that with you. I'm not sure what caused the problem you ran into, but I do fully understand what happened now. Since @John didn't run into the same problem with similar export data, I'm hopeful everything is working correctly. If it was only the two records that seem to be a problem, it might not be worth it, but we can go through the import process again if you would like.

Hi Bob

I used the new version of mSecure and successfully imported all 644 records with notes from PasswordPlus.

Thank you for fixing the migration process!

Warmly, Neill

@Mike  - Thanks for the offer of assistance , however since only one record was imported incorrectly it's not worth the trouble to re-import all the data again.

@Neill No problem at all! Please let me know should you need further assistance.

Good day folks. I had mention that I felt the import was OK earlier but alas it was not. Is this due to my naming in PWP or the way mSecure imported? I don't know yet but I'll be wokring on it. 

My point to this post is even if you think you have a good import just double check it. 

In my case I have two very similar heading names that might be the issue. 

I'll update once I have a chance to do some comparison. 

MIke R

@Mike Thank you for the update and for your willingness to help with this issue.. We have had a couple customers mention that there was a problem with records that have the same or similar names for records, but we have not got enough information to make any adjustments to the importing code. If you can document exactly what's happening with just two records, I think we could get a fix in place. 

Thanks Mike, I just sent you an email with some info and pics.

FYI I have just sent you via Email 2 records, print of PWP and the CSV export. 

MIke R

@Mike I just responded to your email after talking things over with our developer. I'll look forward to your next email.

Thanks Mike, I just sent you a PDB file of those two records in PWP, hopefully you / developer can do your own export import to see what we have. 

MIke R

Again Thank you Mike, I have sent this info to DataViz in the hopes they might have a way to cleanup and or rebuild the DB. I'll let you know as soon as they respond. 

MIke R

That's great Mike, and let me know what they say in response. They may need to get in touch with us if they are not able to reproduce the issue with the information I supplied to you in the email. Hopefully, that will be enough to either help them see what need to change in PW+ or help us see what we can do to compensate for what's happening.

Got the note on possible update. FYI Already forwarded to dataviz. Awaiting your update, thank you.

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