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Windows Quick Filters

Very minor point this.

Is there any way we can customise the left hand menu which shows us the Quick Filters to what we want? Currently its got Recents / Login Records / Credit Cards / Secure Notes / Deleted Items. I would like to choose my more frequently used templates than these default ones. Maybe even add on an option to Quick Filter certain tags as well?

Hi Ai,

This is a feature that is already on our radar, though it is not prioritized for any releases at the moment. At some point, we want those filters to be user-definable on all platforms.

Thanks @Mike, agreed very minor issue. On the radar is good enough for me! Thanks

I notice there isn't any activity on this, but I'd like to add my vote in favor of adding this capability.

Note to other users: there is a "favorite" flag available for each record, and a "favorites" filter in the Search line that might provide a temporary solution if you don't need more than one, although this does require additional work to set up and maintain.

@Richard We have been focused on the Browser Extensions for Windows, so other features like this that are lower on the priority list have not gotten any attention. As soon as we get 6.2 released and the Browser Extensions are released, we won't be putting development resources into this feature. After that, we'll be prioritizing different features. I'm not sure if this one will be prioritized, but it is on our list.

I will discuss these two options with my wife and then decide how to move forward. Thank you for your assistance. Mike

happy wheels

@glora No problem at all. Please let me know if you have other questions.

To customize the left-hand menu (often referred to as the "Quick Filters" or "Navigation Pane") in various software or platforms, you typically need to access the settings or preferences specific to that application. 

drift hunters

@Wells At this time, there is no way to customize the "Quick Filters" in the Windows version of mSecure, but that is coming soon.

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