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V6 maleware


By forcing v6 on existing customers you have turned a good program in to basic malware and ransomware I for one will never upgrade to your version 6, also I have given you legal notice to remove this malware from my pc’s at cost to you.

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What are you talking about? mSecure 6 is an update to mSecure 5. Since you have automatic updates turned on on your PC, the update was downloaded automatically. 3rd party developers cannot cause apps or updates to be downloaded to your device. That is all handled by the apps stores on each platform.

Also, mSecure 6 is not ransomware. You don't have to sign up for a subscription, and you haven't lost any features that you had in mSecure 5. If you are unhappy with the new app and don't want to use it, even though you still have access to all of the features you had before at no cost, please delete it from your PC.


Nice attitude, I have licences for V5 I did not ask for v6 to be installed as it is a different version it should not have been auto installed without my permission.


So, my previous comments stand remove it or you will be charged.


You will be sited to Glasgow Sheriff Court in Scotland if you wish to challenge this legally.


P.s. I am in the process of writing to various uk computer magazines complaining of your tactics, and the way you have loaded malware onto my computer devices.



Also, I do not and have not agreed to any changes in the terms and conditions nor the usage licence so make V5 available again and V6 released as a different app as was the case with previous versions and I’m sure your problems will go away.

If as I have read that “V5 no longer exists” I am open to compensation suggestions from you for the termination of my legal license.



Just a further update, tomorrow I will be contacting uk trading standards and also making complaints to Microsoft store and google store to have this malware removed.

Included (i.e., free) upgrade is goodness. Thank you.

Paul, please do contact everyone you're talking about here. As mentioned before, you control the method of updating on your computer. You can either have it set to download updates automatically or set it to download them manually. You can ask the UK Trading Standards if this is true or not. You can also ask them if it's possible for a 3rd party developer to cause app's or app updates to be downloaded to your device when they are only available in the Microsoft Store, or you can contact Microsoft to ask them, which is most likely what the Trading Standards office will tell you to do. Either they or Microsoft will tell you what I have told you. Again, please contact them.

All 3rd party developers have control of is when a new update is submitted to the app stores. We have decided that mSecure 6 was ready for release, and so we submitted it to the Store. Once submitted, Microsoft reviews the release, approves it and makes it available to everyone who has downloaded previous versions of the app (mSecure 5 in your case). mSecure 6 was approved by Microsoft last Monday or Tuesday, and then we published it on Wednesday.

For future reference, if you do not want app updates downloaded to your computer automatically, simply turn off automatic updates in the Microsoft Store app. When you talk to Microsoft about what's happening here, they will tell you how to do that.

In the meantime, as I said earlier, you don't have to sign up for a subscription in mSecure 6. You have an mSecure 5 license, so you have an Essentials account in V6 at no cost to you. You have not lost any features, you have only gained new features that come for free to you in the new version of the app. If you are not happy with that, I can only suggest you delete the app from your PC.

@Mike You are welcome, and thank you for posting!

I don't understand what the problem is here other than creating a complaint for the sake of doing so. The upgrade was pushed and nothing changed other than the opportunity to subscribe to additional features and benefits. v5.0 features remain at no cost to the user, yet the user enjoys the benefit of the newest UI. This is a win for the person who doesn't want to subscribe. Please don't be that guy who ties up resources complaining unnecessarily about something that really isn't a problem to begin with. 

@Arthur:  Maybe Paul is upset because he, like I, read this upon hitting the "Learn More" button for the 30-day Premium Trial:


Upgrade Now!

Premium Features
Sharing Center
Email Picker
iOS Fliter bar customization
Reorderable Record fields
PDF attachements
Syncing (cloud and WiFi)
Backup and Restore
Biometeric Unlock (Windows Hello)
Template Editing
Security Center
Image Attachments
Custom Icons
Apple Watch


... which implies that the Essential version will be missing such basic features as "Backup and Restore" and Syncing.    In that light, I think Paul's indignation is entirely justified.

However, I also read on some other comment thread that this dialog is erroneous, and that this is not a list of Premium-only features.

@Graham You are correct, many customers have been confused by that message, and it's in the process of being corrected. New releases will have different wording. However, nothing has changed from the emails we have sent, and the message all over our forum and our website telling our v5 paid users that they have an Essentials account at no cost. No one with a v5 license has to sign up for a subscription. They will not lose any functionality, and they do not have to pay for anything if they don't want feature that are only available in the Premium subscription tier.

 > our v5 paid users that they have an Essentials account at no cost. No one with a v5 license has to sign up for a subscription. They will not lose any functionality

The functionality we lose is the use of a program that's not tied to a subscription that we have to deal with!  Why does it even need a subscription if the subscription is free?  Presumably because you want to maintain the control over access to the subscription -- one of the reasons for us to want to avoid it.  When we buy a (perpetual) license to software, we believe that we've settled the matter once and for all, and will revisit the matter of upgrading to a major new version only when we choose.

Could you let us know where the Essentials subscription terms described?

The terms are described here on our Plans page:

The terms for a V5 user are here on our Plans Breakdown page:

Nothing is written out in legal terminology if that's what you're looking for. It's a very simple system. The Essentials plan has certain features listed out in both of the page links above, and if you don't have a V5 license, you can subscribe to it with a monthly or yearly recurring subscription. The Premium plan also has certain features, and whether you have a V5 license or not, you can subscribe to it. If you have a V5 license, you will get a 50% discount on the yearly recurring price for at least 1 year. You can cancel at any time.

Holy smokes folks - this was all spelled out clearly in the CEO’s email a week or two ago. The reason for the subscription model, the options, the fact they are offering very accommodating terms for v5 customers… It was crystal clear.

I am not interested in a new version of mSecure with its new licensing and terms and conditions I do not agree with them and as said I demand the return of my V5 software.


If you force me to continue using your new software, I will take legal action along with the complaints that I have previously mentioned.


O’ and Arthur shut up you silly little man…


@Mike - mSecure

> The terms are described here on our Plans page:

> The terms for a V5 user are here on our Plans Breakdown page:

> Nothing is written out in legal terminology

Thanks for your reply Mike. Yes I've seen those pages. I'm not so much interested in the legal terminology (though presumably there is some somewhere) as in what precisely the word "subscription" means in "Essentials subscription". This is not described on the pages you mention.

I think this is central to why people are upset.   We perceive that your update has deleted from our machines a program that we could rely on to run until we update something else (say OS) that prevents it from doing so, and replaced it with a program that has a "subscription" aspect to it, which appears to mean that we have to periodically do something to keep it running, whether that's connecting to some website, or paying a fee, or encountering a problem when replacing hard drives, or whatever. 

The fact is that we don't know what responsibilities this "subscription" imposes on us, and our experience with all previous subscriptions is that the burden/hassle/annoyance is never nothing.

So please, I think instead of just continuing to reiterate over and over  that you're moving mSecure 5 Pro users to an Essentials subscription at no charge, and instead tell us what does a subscription mean.   In what way is an Essentials subscription different from, say,  just releasing Essentials as a program for which mSecure 5 Pro users have a perpetual license same as before (and others could purchase the same), and make just the Premium features available as a subscription. 

I'm not saying you should adopt that plan, I'm just asking that you tell us how the Essentials subscription is different from that. 

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