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msecure account

 I have no record of having set up an msecure account. The site does not let me create an account or indicate I have forgotten my password.


Hi Jerome,

I looked on our server to see if I could find an account with the email you are using here in the forum, and I wasn't able to find one. Are you thinking you should have an mSecure account? Were you using mSecure 5, or have you set up an account in mSecure 6?

I am trying to reply to Mike Reilley, but I cannot unless I have an account. Mike's message to me is that I do not have account with your company. I have been using mSecure long before 5. The fact that I cannot communicate with your support team is a problem for going forward. The registration is a problem as your system tell me my email address is taken 

Mike Reilley

I am having a problem replying to your message. While you tell me that you do not show an account for me your system tells me that my email address is taken.

Jerome Tarpin

Hi Jerome,

All you need to do is reply in this thread in order to contact me. The problem is I've been very, very busy after the V6 release, so I'm just now getting caught up with responses here in the forum.

The only way you could have an mSecure account is if you created one in the mSecure 5 app. Do you remember using mSecure 5 and creating an account? mSecure accounts did not exist before mSecure 5, so even if you have been using the app for many, many years, it's possible you don't have an account yet.

 I am trying to reply to Mike Reilley, but it seems as I reply to his message I am first asked to sign in (so I set up an account) then I am asked to "start a new topic" by your system

Hi Jerome,

The account you are referring to here is a support forum account, which is not tied to your mSecure app in any way. They are two completely separate systems. When I refer to not finding your account, I'm saying I looked in our mSecure account system, and there are no accounts set up using the email address you are using for your support account. Does that make sense?

What does not make sense is how to create an msecure account. On msecure web site I am asked to sign in, but not given any chance to create an account. 

Hi Jerome, 

The only way you can create an mSecure account is in the mSecure app, which you can download from the iOS and Mac App Store apps, from the Google Play app and from the Microsoft Store app on each device. On the website, you can login in to an account to view account details once you have an account, but there is no actual functionality for storing and retrieving data on the site. You have made it clear that we need to explain that when users or potential customers click the Login button on the site, so we will do that soon.

Is there something I can help you with, though? Whatever questions you might have, I should be able to answer them here in the support forum.


I have msecure6 and I do not find "create an account" in the app> I am being asked to upgrade to the new billing system and this shows my account as So I am trying to deal with this change. Please explain how I would create an account in msecure 6

Hi Jerome,

Thank you for the extra information. I was able to find your account with the new email address. Were you using mSecure 5 on any of your devices prior to the mSecure 6 update? If so, you should already be signed in to your account. You have a v5 Pro/paid license on your account, so you don't have to sign up for a subscription. Since you have that license, you now have an Essentials account at no cost. Can you let me know why you are trying to create a new account when you already have a paid mSecure account?


It started with an issue I was having with syncing. (a result of an update changing my setting on my PC) Looking for support I was asked to sign in, but it rejected my password. I was then not able to reset the password. In order for me to have this conversation I had to create a userid and password just for this forum, but not your web site.


It still seems like there is some confusion here, but we'll work through it. First, in order to reset your password for mSecure if you are not able to open the mSecure app on any devices, you have to reset your account entirely. You can't reset your password without resetting the account, because if you could, then you data would no longer be safe.

Also, the account here in the support forum is not linked to the mSecure app in any way. It is a different account system, and mSecure will never know that this forum account exists. Therefore, you can create a forum account or change your forum account password, and it will have no impact on what happens in the mSecure app or on our main website. It only affects your ability to sign in to the support forum.

With regards to the mSecure app, what happens when you open the app on your different devices? Are you able to see your information on at least one of them, and if so, which device is that?


I am able to see my data on both my devices (iphone and PC) so I am trying to determine if I have an account and what the password for that account is! 

I don't see an account in our system when I search for one with email address you are using for your account here in the forum. This leads me to believe you are running a version of mSecure that is prior to mSecure 5, because that's the version that introduced mSecure accounts. Do you know what versions of mSecure you are running on your iPhone and PC?

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