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MSecure 6 tags

My upgrade from MSecure 5 to 6 didn’t create tags from my old groups.  I think I read somewhere that it would.  Now I have to go through hundreds of entries and tag them.  Did I misunderstand something?

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@JSeow Thank you very much for jumping in here over the weekend! It looks like you were able to help the others with the tags issue. 

@Everyone If you continue to have issues with the tags, please let me know, and I'll try to help in any way I can. For those who may be stumbling onto this thread who have not upgraded yet because they are afraid of the tags bug, the new Windows release was finally approved and published, so this bug is now fixed for new upgraders. To be clear, the fix won't retrieve tags that were lost in the upgrade. It will only keep it from happening in future upgrade situations.

I saw the instruction "On Windows, Reset the app" ... how do you do this?

Phillip - On Windows 11, Select settings, Apps, Apps & Features, and locate mSecure in the list of apps.  Then click on the 3 dots on the right side of the row containing mSecure, and select Advanced Options.  The Reset button should appear under the Reset heading.  If you still can't find it, then just uninstall and reinstall the app - it works the same way.

@JSeow Thank you for helping Phillip with this. If you have an Android or other device, you are correct that it's easier to reset mSecure on Windows.

@Phillip Were you able to follow his instructions? If you can't find the "Rest app feature," I would simply reinstall mSecure. However, you should only do either of these things if you have your data available either in a backup or on another device.

I converted on Windows, groups failed to convert to tags, then when I upgraded iPhone, I lost the groups there as well. 460 entries. Please be more careful with our data.

@Rick I'm sorry to hear you ran into this bug. If you need help with retrieving your groups, you can either let me know, or you can follow the instructions in this help article: Groups not converted to Tags after upgrade on Windows

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