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MSecure 6 tags clarification

 Hi all,

In the important notes (bottom of page) in the MSecure 6 features pages on tags: 

it states:

"When you remove a Tag from a record, you are removing the tag from your entire database."

When I remove a tag from a record, I want to only remove it from that record as I don't want it in that 'grouping' any longer (i don't want it 'tagged' under that category). I am hoping this is just badly worded.

I do understand you don't want to leave many 'orphaned' tags sitting around but this should be up to the user.  Renaming a tag is different, as this is (and should be) a global change to that tag name. However, if a tag is to be deleted 'globally', then this should be tucked away in settings where is is obvious it is a global option.

This statement worries me... I 'trust' this does not mean that removing a tag, from an individual record, will remove the tag ENTIRELY from the tags table. That is, it will also remove this specific tag from EVERY OTHER record. If so, this would almost entirely defeat the purpose of tags.


Edit: Apologies, this probably  should be been posted in the BETA etc forum for MSecure6.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the question and the feedback! That is a poorly worded sentence, which I just updated. While Tags are more transient than Groups in the older versions of mSecure, a specific tag will not be removed from the system when you remove it from a record in most cases. As long as the Tag exists on at least one record, it will persist in the database. As an example, if you have two Logins with the "online-shopping" tag, and you remove it from only one of the records, the tag won't be removed from the other record. However, if you remove it from the other record as well, it will be removed from the system. In order to make it available in the system again, you would simply have to type it in to the Tags field on any record, and save the record. Does that make sense?

Thanks Mike. Phew!

The workflow you describe  is logical and it makes perfect sense to remove a tag globally if it is removed from a record, and this is the LAST time it is used (appears on a record).

No problem Michael! Let me know if you have any other questions about v6.

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