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Dropbox on Windows and MS5 (Avoiding MS6)

MS team,

We need a fix for MS5 with Dropbox for windows.

Read that your team have no plans to fix it for MS5 but instead only for MS6

But then your MS6 will be priced differently and we will suffer ongoing fees for it.

So honestly do the right thing and implement the fix for MS5 for Windows/Dropbox so we can have the choice if we want to upgrade to such a payment plan you have outlined for MS6. 

Either you propose that we old investors do not suffer especially when we have invested in MS as a one-time purchase with no subscription payment model for MS6 (that has this fix)


fix MS5

We should not be bullied into an MS6 payment upgrade nor do we desire the option to move away from Dropbox as this is our choice (for a feature you are marketing MS supports).

Hope you propose a plan and do let us all know soon.


Hi George,

For clarification, mSecure 6 will be install over the top of mSecure 5, so it will be like a normal app upgrade. Wherever you read that we are charging a subscription fee in mSecure 6 should also have said that if you have an mSecure Pro license, you won't have to pay to have the same feature you already have access to in mSecure 5. You will not have any reason to try to avoid upgrading to v6.

None of our customers are being "bullied" into paying for something they don't want pay for. Please point me to where you saw the information I posted about mSecure 6 charging ongoing subscription costs so I can make sure that it talks about what happens for mSecure Pro users.

Hi Mike,

I recall reading you are no longer able to sustain the one time pricing model and if not mistaken you were the one that posted about it.

If I misread, sincere apologies and I will recall my statement.

So where do we see an official statement what the pricing plans will be and what will be on subscription and not for old MS4 & upgraded/paid for the MS5?

When do we expect to have a fix for Dropbox and windows, either in MS5 (that wont happen) or a safe/stable release of ms6 that has this feature?

Look forward to reading the statement and clarifying if I misread.


Hi George,

We have not released an official statement for the v6 release. For all those who have an mSecure 5 account, we will be sending out an email to let you know when the release will become available on the App Store. In that email, it will have all of the official information for the v6 release. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask here.

The post you read from me has some outdated information, though nothing about the cost has changed. Since I wrote it, we have updated the name of the tiers to "Essentials" and "Premium." Here is an update to what I posted earlier.

mSecure is moving to a two-tier subscription model, with Essentials and Premium levels. If you have an mSecure Pro license, however, you won’t lose any features you paid for in v5, even if you decide subscriptions aren’t for you. As a paid v5 user, you will be automatically grandfathered into the Essentials subscription tier, which has all of the features in v5 along with new features that have been added to the app.

In order to have access to all of the features mSecure offers, however, there will be a Premium subscription tier that will require a recurring payment. As a paid user, we’ve made the subscription as affordable as possible by offering 50% off the cost brand new users will be charged. To be clear, the reduced rate won’t last forever.

The tier pricing details is outlined below.

For users that have not purchased a Pro (mSecure 5) license, the Essentials tier will be:

  • $1.99 per month

  • $1.67 per month billed annually

For users that have not purchased a Pro license, the Premium tier will be:

  • $2.99 per month

  • $2.49 per month billed annually

For users that have purchased a Pro license, the Premium tier will be discounted by 50%:

  • $1.49 per month

  • $1.25 per month billed annually

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