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mSecure crashes / spinning beachball

Hi. I'm under the mSecure 30 day trial. I have a 2015 MacBook Pro. I recently imported about 500 bookmarks from Dashlane.

I used a Mac cleaner and restarted multiple times. Every time I log into mSecure it crashes, I see a spinning beachball. I click around the app and I get a spinning beachball every time.

Can someone please help me figure out why this is crashing? How do I fix this? I have the latest version of mSecure.

Hi David,

If I'm not mistaken, you transferred your data from Dashlane using the CSV import feature. Is that correct? If so, when you created that CSV file from Dashlane, did you import without making any changes first?

I realized I didnt have login and groups. Should I use the default UTF 8 csv version? 

My problem now is I'm trying to delete all my records within msecure. Anytime I go to delete just a single record I get this terrible spinning beachball. Activity monitor shows the app isn't responding. I've force quit the app and restarted multiple times, still crashes. 

I'm attaching what I see in Console. I see this same message multiple times for every event msecure started and restarted.:

Jul 8 16:33:26 DCs-MacBook-Pro[1] ([13270]): Service exited due to SIGTERM | sent by Activity Monitor[11334]

Jul 8 16:33:30 DCs-MacBook-Pro[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<> [9663]

I replaced the 17 digit number after msecuremac with 'x' because I'm not sure if that's sensitive info or not

Please advise.

Hi David,

The problem is definitely related to the CSV not being formatted in a way mSecure can process. Unfortunately, I think the only way to move forward would be to reset your mSecure account, and then start from scratch. What you are trying to do is actually what I would have recommended, but since the app is throwing errors, the data won't be able to be cleared out in this way.

To reset your account, go ahead and follow these steps first to reset the Mac mSecure app:

1. Open mSecure on that device

2. Click Help in the menu bar at the top left of your screen, hold down the "option" key on your keyboard, and you should see two hidden options appear in the drop down menu

3. Click "Show Data File in Finder", and a Finder window will appear revealing mSecure's database file, which is named, "mSecure.mscb"

4. Close mSecure

5. Move the "mSecure.mscb" file to the trash

Next, follow the instructions near the bottom of this help article to reset your mSecure account: Account Reset

Now you're ready to sign back in to your mSecure account:

1. Open mSecure on your Mac if it is closed

2. Skip the welcome screens to go directly to the Sign Up / Sign In screen

3. Click "Sign In"

Enter mSecure for the username, then enter the password for that account to sign in to it.

After you follow those steps, everything should be in a totally fresh state, and you can try importing your data from the CSV file. Be sure to read through the help article on importing CSV data here first: Import from a CSV file

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