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Cannot sync with Dropbox

Cannot sync mSecure5 with Dropbox after switching to new router using same WiFi connections.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for contacting us. The Dropbox sync feature is no longer working due to changes Dropbox made to their connection APIs. The issue is resolved for v6, but it won't be fixed in v5. As a temporary solution until v6 is released, we are recommending users sync via mSecure Cloud instead.

Thanks for the info. How can I upgrade to V6 or V6 beta?

Hi Mike,

V6 won't be publically available for at least a month. At this time, we're not taking more beta customers because a lot of our time is being diverted to an issue in the old mSecure app caused by recent iOS updates. If you want to get back to me in about a week or a little longer, I should be able to get you added then.

OK. Thanks. Mike

No problem Mike. Be sure to post here again to remind me next Friday or the Following Monday (1 week and 3 days). I can't route these posts in any logical manner, so if you can remind me, that would be helpful.

Will do.
Reminder that I would like to be added to mSecure V6 beta. Mike Eisman. Thanks

Baffled on this issue too, as I am getting that strange error on Windows 10 not able to link Dropbox on Ms5 on windows.

Need access to the MS6 beta too also sent an email a few days ago to beta@ but no reply yet.

@George Thank you for posting here in the forum. I missed your email asking for access to the beta testing. I'll respond to your email now.


Your original response to this topic was  "Yeah, sorry, you can't use Dropbox to sync until version 6 because we can't be bothered to patch this in Version 5".  That was 7 months ago and we still haven't seen Version 6.   WTF!

John Miner


When is version 6 going to release?

Beta 6 is out, been testing it, works and also on MS, ios, mac but moved to msecure cloud for MS6.

I see ios version as of now has 17 more days till end of trial and desktop mac expires 2-Mar. 

Hope we have new versions before then.

@Michael The beta program for v6 is nearly closed. We are on a week to week schedule now, so v6 could be shipped as early as February 15th. If you have an mSecure account in v5, you will be receiving a release announcement about a week ahead of the release.

@George Thank you for posting your feedback here. We plan to release at least one more beta version either today or Monday, and it will update your trial.

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