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Cannot Access V4 Data Does Not Offer to Migrate

I have V4 & V5 installed on both an ipad and iphone. V5 was installed about 4 years ago and data was migrated to it. I didn’t like V5 so continued using V4. Reinstalled and reactivated V5 on ipad. Don’t get option to migrate V4 data, it resync’s old data onto ipad. How do I get my V4 data? Also, never got any emails about V5. I have the pro version of V5 (5.7.2) I believe. Need help getting current V4 data into V5.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing after the recent iOS update. In order to migrate your information into mSecure 5, your account needs to be in a fresh state. This means you will need to reset your account first, and then sign back in to it on the same device mSecure 4 is installed. After the account is reset, the migration will be triggered as you go through the sign in process.

To reset your account, follow the steps in this support article:

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the old mSecure 4 app from your device. If that is done, the data stored in the app will be lost. Also, your mSecure 4 data is not connected to your mSecure 5 account in any way, so performing the account reset will have no effect on the data stored in the old app.

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