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Beta Version Crash IOS

Whenever I try to delete a custom template the app crashes - when restarting the template is still there so not deleting. It works on my MacBook but not IOS apps.

Hi Geoff,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The problem is, I'm not seeing this when I test the v6 beta on my iPhone 12 Pro. Can you tell me what types of iOS devices you are using along with the OS version they have installed?

The iPhone 12 works ok and allows deletion, the MacBook is ok, but the iPad 7th generation causes the app to crash on deletion, but no deletion on reopening app.

This is even more curious now that I know one of the iOS devices works correctly. Real quick, are you able to sync your information right now between all of your devices? If you make a change on your iPhone, does it make it's way over to mSecure 6 on your iPad?

I am having the same issue. Whenever I try to create a record or delete one the program crashes. Iphone 12. Ios 14.5.1.
If I delete on either iPhone or MacBook they delete ok on the iPad, and of course the iPhone and MacBook. It appears they all sync ok. The only issue appears to be that the iPad crashes when a template deleted and unsuccessful.

@Jon and @Geoff Our developer found an issue that was causing a crash to happen, and he thinks it would cause the problem in many different contexts throughout the app. We are going to be releasing beta 2 ASAP, and after you are able to download it, please let me know if you are still experiencing the crashing.

Using my Macbook V11.4 with Beta 6 I notice that the search bar is very erratic and hard to insert text to search. Also when trying to copy items from a password file you get no confirmation when clicking the copy icon, although it is ok to paste. (V5 used to shop a flag saying copied) 

Mike, This is the response to your question that you emailed me. Just to give a brief overview for others my issue is this: let’s say I open an app on my iPhone that I need a password to get into (i.e. access to my bank account). Let’s also say that I have already been into the Msecure program and created a login record for this app. The problem that I’m having with the beta is when I open the app and tap on the passwords icon the following is happening: mSecure app will open, mSecure will except my facial ID from my iPhone 12, but then it closes. When using mSecure 5 one of two things would happen: the mSecure program would automatically select a record that had been used previously, or it would open the main login record page and let me select one if it was unsure which one to select. What is happening for me in this beta version is that I am not being given the option to select a record if mSecure does not have a history of selecting a record for this certain program. It just closes and goes back to the app without adding information into the username and password fields. Does this make sense?

@Geoff I'm not sure what you mean when you say the search bar is very erratic. Can you explain that in more detail, or are you saying what what is erratic is that it's hard to insert text in it? When I click on the search field to type a search query, I'm not experiencing anything that makes me think it's acting erratically, so I think I need some more clarification to understand what you mean.

With regards to your other issue, another beta tester brought this to our attention, and it will be fixed in an upcoming beta release, probably beta 3.

@Jon Thank you for the write-up on this. I think I'm getting closer to understanding what's happening, but I need more information from you. It sounds like you're opening the mSecure app to get a password, but I actually think you're starting from a webpage in one of your web browsers installed on your iPhone. Is that true? If so, which web browser are you using? To be clear, the iOS Password AutoFill feature should work to auto-fill your credentials in v6, so we just need to figure out exactly what's happening on and what site(s) so I can test it on my device to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Yes Mike you are correct that I am talking about starting from a webpage. I am also experiencing the same problem starting from within an app. We have discussed before about using chrome vs safari and I will start logging which browser that I have an issue from. For now I have switched over to just using Safari because it’s the only one that I can get into the forum with. And yes it is the auto fill feature that I am talking about. I click on the auto fill feature, mSecure opens up, I have my mSecure program password-protected but I use facial ID to open it. MSecure accepts my facial ID but then immediately closes itself and does not auto fill information into either the webpage or the app. This is not happening all of the time but is definitely happening any time there is an uncertainty as to what record to use to auto fill with. In version five the MSecure program would stay open if it was unsure what record to use. Version six is not doing that. Also I am getting a crash of the version six program every time I try to create a new login. I put in all of the information and then click the checkmark in the upper right hand corner and I get a crash message. However, the record is saving.
Mike - yes by erratic I mean typing in text into the search bar is difficult as there is a “stuttered” lag in showing the text letters.

@Jon Maybe resetting the iOS Password AutoFill feature in iOS's Settings will help here. I think something is messed up in the way the data has been stored in iOS, which could be causing the app to crash after tapping the bar above the keyboard to get your data filled in.

To reset the Password AutoFill feature, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap "Password"
  3. Tap "AutoFill Passwords"
  4. Turn off the "AutoFill Passwords" toggle, wait for about 10 seconds, then turn the toggle back on
  5. Make sure mSecure is checked in the "ALLOW FILLING FROM" list below the toggle
  6. Go to Safari and try using the AutoFill feature again

@Geoff It's strange, because the search field is working perfectly for me, so I'm wondering if other customers are experiencing this of if it's something unique to your setup. Real quick, can you let me know how many records you have stored in mSecure?

Mike, The new version of the beta has fixed the auto fill selection issue. It now brings up a box with the selection choices in it for you to choose. So that’s the good news. The bad news is now that when you use facial ID as your password to get into your mSecure program it is only working about 50% of the time with this new updated beta version versus the original beta version. I have done a hard reset on my phone but still I’m having the issue every other time. Chrome seems to be working on this new version as well but I have not experimented enough with it to make a definitive on that. Will continue to work through chrome and see what happens.

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