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PC & iPhone not syncing

I'm trying to sync between my PC and my iPhone. PC appears to be up-to-date with entries but noticed that my iPhone is missing entries. When I go to settings on my iPhone, I see that the network assigned to the phone is <ethernet>, with a red connection diagram beneath it yet the sync status & home network appears appears OK on my PC. I've gone to Settings - Main Computer  and have toggled on & off but no change. What am I missing?

Hi Laura,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. There can be all sorts of issues that keep devices from syncing over a Wi-Fi network, but I'm hoping this will be a simple fix. Go ahead and look over this article on our support site and follow the instructions to make sure your PC is set up correctly for syncing:

Also, for clarification, the network showing <ethernet> is ok. We have to implement getting a permission from the user so the actual network name can be displayed instead. Since it's not possible for the app to have that data without the user's permission, it's just showing a generic label.

Hi, Mike. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, it's still not syncing. It looks like it is set up correctly on my PC per the article link so not sure what to try next. I'd rather not do it but do you think I should I delete the iPhone app and then download it again and sign back in?

No problem at all in the delay. You shouldn't have any problems syncing as long as your network is set to a Private profile. We don't have any issues with Wi-Fi syncing, so there are couple more things to check. First, for clarification, were you able to make sure your network was set to the "Private" profile like in the instructions? Next, when you open mSecure on both devices, make sure the app on your PC stays on the main view (don't click the gear icon to go to Settings), and then open mSecure on your phone. Now go to the Sync Settings in mSecure on your iPhone. Does it still show red or yellow words or graphics, which indicates a connection problem? If so, we need to do troubleshooting, and it's something that reinstalling most likely will not fix.

Probably 90% of our customer's Wi-Fi sync problems on Windows are related to the network profile being set to "Private," so I'm still hopeful this can be a simple fix.

Hi, Mike. I've rechecked my PC and see that it is showing as "Private" network. Under Sync settings on my iPhone, I see my phone name, then network is listed as "<ethernet>" in green and there is a red graphic below it with a thunderbolt in the middle of it--I'm assuming that means that there is no connection. The server name is listed below with the PC description and IP address. Note that I did create an item called "test" on my PC so that is what I look for when I search my phone to see if it has been syncing and it's not showing up on the phone.

Hi Laura,

That red thunderbolt does mean the there is no connection between the apps. However, it may be indicating that the devices are not able to communicate on a hardware level as well. For now, I want to focus on possible software connectivity issues. Do you use any type of 3rd party anti-virus apps like Nortan, Avast or McAffee? Those each have software firewalls in them, and they will definitely block mSecure apps from syncing if the necessary accommodations aren't made in the anti-virus app's settings.

Hi, Mike:

Yes-I do have Norton 360 installed on my PC. If that is causing the problem, how do I work around it?

Like the other anti-virus software available, Norton 360 has its own software firewall system that runs on top of the Windows OS's firewall system. They are designed to keep unpermitted software from communicating with your system. However, having two of them running can make it a bit tricky to make sure each firewall is set up correctly. All you should need to do is find the firewall settings in Norton, and then add mSecure to it's list of exceptions. After doing that, you should restart your computer, and then everything should work.

Hi, Mike: I checked Norton and went to Settings. Under the tab "Program Control," I see mSecure10 listed and it is already showing as "Allow." Is that what you expected to show as blocked? 

I wasn't thinking it would be blocked necessarily, but it may not have been allowed. The other place you'll need to check is your Windows Firewall to make sure all of the exceptions are made for that firewall system as well. Have you checked there to see if mSecure is allowed? If you need to make any changes, be sure to shut down your PC, let it sit for about a minute, and then restart it before trying to sync in mSecure.

Hi, Mike. I just checked Windows Defender Firewall and under "Allow Apps to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall," mSecure is checked off as an allowed app for both Private & Public.

Hi, Mike. I thought I had responded but I'm not seeing my response now. I went into Windows Defender Firewall and I can see mSecure Password listed checked off for "allowed apps & features." It's also checked for Private & Public.

Mike: I do have OneNote which I sync between my PC & my iPhone and that is syncing correctly so this must be specific to mSecure.

Hi Laura,

I'm not sure how OneNote syncs, but I would imagine it's not using your Wi-Fi. I could be wrong, but there aren't a lot of apps that use that type of syncing, especially not when they are created by one of the big three (Microsoft, Google and Apple). At this point, I'm not sure what would be causing the problems, but we do know there aren't any bugs that cause syncing to fail. This is one of the reasons we removed Wi-Fi syncing at the beginning of mSecure 5's release. It's just very difficult to fix issues when the feature is relying on Wi-Fi networks. There is so much going on under the surface, and we're not able to do all of the troubleshooting needed to get Wi-Fi issues fixed.

Are you needing to use Wi-Fi syncing, or would you be open to using mSecure Cloud syncing instead? All of the data is always encrypted with a very long and random account key, so it's incredibly secure. If you are open to using that type of syncing, let me know.

Hi, Mike: Sorry for the slow response. I guess I have no choice at this point than to switch to Secure Cloud. Is there a downside to switching vs using wifi? I've just made the switch and all seems to have synced so I'm good now. Just wondering what the difference is... Thanks!

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