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Cannot migrate data from version 4 to version 5 on iPhone

All advice on this topic appears to require that mSecure 4 be opened.   However, I cannot accomplish that first step, since mSecure 4 will not even open since the new iOs was installed.   (I do have version 5 on my iPhone, but had never liked it, and had not been using it.)  Please help!

Hi Daniel,

I'm not sure where you're getting that the advice from others is to open mSecure 4 first. The problem with the iOS 14.5 update is that mSecure 4 can't be opened, but people are still migrating their data. You don't need to be able to open mSecure 4 to upgrade to mSecure 5. However, that being said, there are certain circumstances that can prevent you from being able to migrate your information.

Before we get into anything else, were you able to download mSecure 5 and set up a new account, or did you sign in to an account you created some time ago? If you haven't yet downloaded or set up an account in mSecure 5, let me know.

Thanks for your reply.   I have an existing mSecure 5 account, which I can still access.   The data contained within the version 5 is still there, but I really need to migrate the data from my older version 4 account.   Is it possible to do this WITHOUT opening version 4?  (since my iPhone can not even open that one now).   Thanks.

Yes, you can migrate your data in from the old app into an existing mSecure 5 account. However, you will have to reset the account before you will be able to perform the migration. To reset your account, you can follow the instructions in this support article: Account Reset

You'll see the instructions under the "How to reset your mSecure account" section near the end of the page. After you have reset the account, simply reinstall mSecure 5, and sign in using the new password. You should be asked to migrate during the account set up screens.

IMPORTANT: Do not reinstall the older version of mSecure, the one with the bright blue app icon. If you do that, the data stored in the app will be lost.

Success!  Thank you.

No problem at all Daniel! Take care, and let me know should you need further assistance.

So.. I’m trying to add MSecure 5 on my new phone but am currently using 4.5 on my old one including my base computer. I bought 5 awhile ago but have not used it. I reset the 5 account after downloading it to my new apple 13 pro and I cannot figure out how to migrate my info. Can you please help me, I’m sure I’m missing something easy but I need your help please.

@John This should be no problem at all. First, I'm thinking you installed mSecure 6 if you installed it recently on your new iPhone, but can you check to make sure? It would be best to get the app updated to the newest version before moving forward. To find the version number, open mSecure, tap the menu icon in the top left corner, tap Settings, then tap About mSecure. What version number do you see?

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