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IOS 4.5.4


I've bought mSecure 4.5.4 a few years ago.  I still have it and use it on my phone. I have checked the apple store and it looks like this app is not listed there anymore. Is that correct? Does it mean that when I will change my phone, I will loose the app? Can I migrate to new app for free?

Hi Syn,

Thank you for contacting us. If you are going to be migrating to an iPhone, you will be able to download mSecure 4.5.4 from the App Store. To do that though, you will need to look in your list of previously purchased apps. Since that version of mSecure is no longer sold in the App Store, it doesn't have a "live" page. However, like other apps you have downloaded before, you can always download them from your list purchased apps instead.

Regarding the newer version of mSecure, we do offer a discount for existing customers, but it is not a free upgrade. Are you thinking of upgrading to mSecure 5?

Hey guys, latest update to my iPhone iOS 14.5 says "mSecure needs to be updated"  I  think i am using mSecure 4.5 but it will not open so Im not sure. 

Any solutions?  Will 4.5 be updated to work with latest iOS?

best regards, jc 

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for contacting us. We have many customers running into this issue after the 14.5 iOS update, so you are not alone here. I posted a sticky thread in our forum with details on how to move forward:

Should you have any questions after reading that post, please feel free to reply here, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Hey Mike thanks for reply. I have a question about the application. So, my wife also has msecure 4.5 which I set up for her.  Do we have to upgrade two copies for both of us to migrate to pro?  I know we have different password vaults but dont remember if we had to buy separate licenses or not. I do know it is all paid for thru the "family plan" that apple offers.  

Is it synced thru icloud?  if not where and is there a fee involved? 

The main thing is that our passwords are safe and are imported into the new version.  Thanks again and have a great day

No problem at all Jeffrey! If you and your wife store different sets of data in mSecure, she would need to create an account, and you would need to purchase an upgrade for both accounts. If, however, you both share all the same data, you would just need to pay for a license for one account. Both of you would sign in to that one account on all your devices, and all the data would sync between them.

Regarding syncing, it can get tricky to sync via iCloud if you both are signed in to the same iCloud account on your iOS/Mac devices. When signed in to the same Apple ID on all devices, there can only be one sync file, and if there are two different mSecure accounts, it won't be able to sync. The easiest solution by far would be to use mSecure Cloud, which is secured in the same way as when using iCloud syncing. All sync features are included in with the Pro license, so there is no extra fee involved.

As the upgrade to new IOS disabled the app, is there any way to use the data from the app? Unfortunately I don't remember the password as I was using touch id and I always signed this way. Is there any work around to get this data? I've seen the post about import to new mscecure, but I don't remember the password to do that :(

I guess the only way would be to downgrade to lower IOS, but  I am not sure if Apple allows that?

Forget it, I managed to guess password somehow. 

However, I think that if you stop supporting app with the next update, you should inform your customers!! I knew I would have to update, but I don't like being taken by surprise and I almost lost all my data. This is not the way this should be done!

Hi Syn,

It's great to hear you were able to remember your password! Unfortunately, with the old app, there was no account system, so we don't have emails to notify our customers of when something happens in that version. Also, there is no in-app messaging system, so the best we could do was create a notification for the arrival of mSecure 5. However, some people dismiss that screen and click the option to not display it again, so they forget that mSecure 5 is available. We are hoping that with this iOS update that most people will upgrade to mSecure 5, because successive iOS updates are only going to make this happen more and more.

Hey Mike! thanks again for all your help.  

Just to confirm if my partner and I use different data sets:

Upgrade both accounts to the pro (one discounted license for each)

The sync on V5 is done thru the mSecure cloud and that is included in the cost of the upgrade to V5 pro

Data from the older 4.5 versions are imported  during the V5 upgrade. 

Does the upgraded license cost include the mac OS version? 

Best regards, jeffrey

Hi Jeffrey,

No problem at all! I think you probably already know this, but I wanted be sure. With you and your partner having different data sets, if you want to sync information between the both of you, you will need to be signed in to the same account. In V5, there is no cross-account sharing, so syncing is only available between devices signed in to the same account. If I understand you correctly, you both keep your own sets of data, so this may not be an issue, but I did want to cover it just in case =)

Regarding your other questions, all of the features in mSecure are covered by the Pro license, so after it's applied to your account, you will be able to sync at no extra charge between all your devices, including Mac. Also, as long as you both are setting up a new v5 account, the data currently stored in the older mSecure app will be migrated when you go through the set up process on each of your devices. If this doesn't happen for some reason, don't delete the old mSecure app and let me, so I can help you with the migration.

Great thanks! On my mac - download the V5 for mac then sign in with my V5 Id and PW? Is it that easy?

It should be that easy, as long as you don't currently have an mSecure 5 account you are trying to sign in to, if that makes sense. Some of our customers set up an mSecure 5 account some time ago, and that account needs to be reset before the migration can take place. However, if it's a brand new account you are creating, you simple create the account, and you'll be asked to migrate your information from the old mSecure app during the setup process.

Hi after migration to V5 do I just delete the older version?

As long as you are seeing all your data in mSecure 5, there is no reason to keep the older version of mSecure on your device(s). You can delete the old app if all your data has migrated to v5.

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