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Can't make changes to the passwords on any entries? .

Can't make changes to the passwords on any entries? I go into edit mode, make change to the password and click the check mark at the top, it shows making the change but then switches back to old PW.?

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  It sounds like you might have run into an issue we experienced with an older build of mSecure 5. Can you check the modified date of these records? The bug makes the last modified date be way in the future and because of it, any time you sync your information, the records affected will not be changed.

My recommendation would be to use mSecure 5 on Mac or Windows:

  1. Disable syncing in mSecure 5
  2. Delete the data.mssb sync file if using Dropbox or iCloud syncing (Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5/userId/data.mssb or iCloud/mSecure/userId/data.mssb)
  3. Create a backup of mSecure 5: (this is just to have a backup)
  4. Uninstall mSecure 5 from all devices besides one instance of Mac or Windows
  5. Bulk delete all of your records (select all records ctrl+a or use mouse)
  6. Bulk recover all of your records (recover records from the "Deleted Items" section)
  7. Enable syncing again
  8. Reinstall mSecure 5 on all of your devices

I'm sorry about the inconvenience this issue has caused. The latest versions of mSecure 5 have fixes for this issue so it should not reoccur once fixed. 

I'm using msecure 5 on 1 pc, 1 LT and 2 Samsung 9. I did look at the model dates and yes there way in the future. I will follow your directions. Another issue all my msecure devises show although your emails are coming to my wife at


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