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2 Obnoxious probems: broken auto-sync switch and desktop overwriting Android

 Win 10 wifi syncing with Android 10.

1.  Devices auto sync even though I have auto sync disabled

2. Desktop appears to overwrite the Android entries. This has cause obvious problems (I actually had to reset another password manager account, because a changed password was lost)

There's a third problem, actually, that's been going on for a year: the desktop resets every time the app updates. Support hasn't been able to figure it out.

Any ideas?

I'm going to follow the instructions show here to see if it helps:


It sounds like you might have ran into our last modified bug or issue. Following the steps in the link you provided here should fix your issues. However, please note that auto-syncing needs to be disabled in mSecure 5 on all devices that are not the "Main computer." The auto-sync option is device specific. As for the Microsoft Store issue, unfortunately, OS updates and Microsoft Store updates can reset Microsoft Store app data. Normally, if using a cloud syncing option, your information would be available right away after signing in to your account again after this happens. However, because you use WiFi syncing, you must make sure to have mSecure 5 available on another device or access to a backup file in order to sync or restore your information. 

Hey, thanks for the info. Auto-sync was disabled on my Android, but it still seemed to happen. Will test to see if its continuing. 

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