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Back up files from Microsoft OneNote are being saved in the mSecure file.

I want to know how to make msecure backup feature not to backup my files from Microsoft OneNote in OneDrive.  I  have noted that when I save a file in OneNote, it appears backed up in my OneDrive file named mSecure.  This is the file i created in OneDrive exclusively for backups from mSecure .   I called Microsoft and they told me that the problems I had with the backup was not coming from OneNote but from mSecure.  They told me to ask you how to separate the backup files from OneNote and mSecure.

Thank you for your prompt response. 

Dr. Vega  

Hi Herman,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure I understand your problem here exactly. Can you start off by letting me know what version of mSecure you are using? Here's an image that might help you understand what version you are using:

mSecure 3 will automatically create backup files in a mSecure folder in your Documents folder (../Documents/mSecure/*.msim). While mSecure 5 requires you to enable to auto-backups feature and select the folder you'd like to store the backup files in. (mSecure 5 > Settings > Backups > Auto-Backups). Each version of mSecure also allows you to create backup files wherever you'd like. Are you creating these files manually and not wanting them on your OneDrive? Are these auto-backup files? What do these backup files end with (.mscx, .msim, or .msib)?

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