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Sort by group on mSecure v5 windows 10


I use mSecure both on my android devices and on my computer under Windows 10.

On my android devices it's possible to sort item by group but I wasn't able to find the same option on my computer.

A idea or a solution please !


Sylvain Legrand.

Hi Sylvian,

Thank you for contacting us. The sort options are available in the bottom of the middle column on the main view on Windows: 

Thanks for your quick answer.

In fact we have to select the 'show group' option and then to change the select option because the default select option is by name.

It's where I was misleaded.


Sylvain Legrand.

You don't have to select the "Show Group" option but it does make it hard to navigate without the headers :-/ 

I'll see if we can enable the "Show Group" option by default when a user selects a sort other than "name" to fix this in the future.

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