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Link CC details to Websites for Expiration alerts


I would like to see a feature added that links Credit Card details, to specific login entries within mSecure.

Typically a website may store (I only do it for a few trusted ones) your credit card details, for later use. This can be a bit problematic to locate all of these sites and update the details, when a credit card expires or is changed, especially if they are Auto renewals for subscriptions etc.

So I'd like a feature that you can tag a specific Credit Card entry within a Login entry, such that the Login entry is then listed under the specific Credit Card entry as one that has stored my details (multiple entries, one for each record that's linked). I could then click on the link to go to the specific login entry. Then I can Login to the website as normal, to update my card details.

Would also be nice to have some sort of reminder feature that can be used to highlight upcoming expiration's.



Hi Kim,

Thanks for the feature request. We are currently working on this very thing. We plan to have a feature to link records together in the future and we are also working to provide password and date expiration alerts as well!

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