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Option for commonly supported special characters

When using the password generator I always want to use special characters but frequently find sites have a limited set supported. The subset supported varies by the technology stack, but an option to use the most commonly supported characters (!@$#._) would save time. I would not want to give up the option, however, of using the full set of special characters when supported.

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Hi Jon,

Thank you for the feature request. This is something we will keep in mind for the near future. We also have plans to add other password generated options such as the ability to use random words as well in the future.

 Hi, I tried to change my passwd at one of the popular sites, they use a restricted set of special characters. As you know msecure doesn't support this option and so requires me to manually modify the passwd for the site. 

It would be really nice if msecure could support selective special characters.

Thanks for consideration of this feature, I've been a long time msecure user so I'm not going to stop using it, but this feature would make using msecure more applicible at least in this use case.

Regards, Steve

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your feedback! For mSecure 6, we already have a custom "Exclusions" field implemented for the password generator. This allows you to exclude any character you would like from the generated password. However, we are also thinking through the addition of an "Includes" field, which would allow the user to enter special characters that are acceptable for the generated password. The problem is, allowing only certain characters for password generation is a much more complex process, and it has the possibility of lowering the strength of a generated password much more severely than when excluding characters. We hope this feature will be added in the first release for v6, but if not, it will be on our radar for future releases.

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