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New Phone old version download


I used the old version of mSecure on my previous phone and upgraded to a new phone and can't install the old version of the mSecure app. I have no intention of paying for the new version. How can I get the old version back on my new phone so that the new version doesn't expire on me in 30 days?



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Hi Ryan,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. mSecure 5 gives customer a free 30 day trial of the all the mSecure 5 features. This 30 day trial will be over in 30 days regardless of what you do, but this for mSecure 5. You can always redownload the previous versions if you'd prefer.

How to download old versions:

That link doesn't seem to work.  I'm looking for the older version as well, the non-cloud version.

Hi Eric,

This is an old post. You can find all our articles in the knowledge base section and you can look for them in the search on the top bar or on the homepage of this support website. I went ahead and updated the like though and here it is again:

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