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Request for Enhanced Autofill Experience and Custom Keyboard Integration in mSecure

I've observed that autofill isn't consistently reliable, potentially influenced by factors like the browser or keyboard being used, whether it's on my iPhone or other devices. Sometimes, the context of previous inputs seems to disrupt autofill, leading to the manual retrieval of credentials from the app. While this issue isn't frequent, it's becoming more noticeable. I'm curious if a custom mSecure-specific keyboard could enhance the autofill experience by securely connecting to stored passwords. Additionally, I'm open to exploring browser extensions or other solutions to improve workflow. Though not a programmer, I'll keep track of instances and seek insights from the community or support resources. Ultimately, a more consistent and streamlined autofill process is what I seek, especially considering the varied devices and scenarios where this issue arises.

Thank you for contacting us, and my apologies for the delay in my response. Unfortunately, I don't believe Apple allows for features like custom keyboards. Also, in this context, we would be very apprehensive of creating a feature like this due to the nature of the data stored in mSecure. Should anything go wrong in a connected system, it's our user's most important and sensitive information that's being transferred back and forth. While I don't know what could go wrong here, it's one of the reasons Apple is so strict with features like this, and a good reason for us to think long and hard on whether it should be done.

The most important thing here is to either find or weed out any possible bugs you might be running into here. While there are times when websites implement their sign in forms in such a way that the AutoFill feature simply cannot work, that shouldn't be happening all that frequently. Is it possible for you to map out the steps you go through that reproduce the issue you're referring to here when you get the wrong credentials in your web browser?

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