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wifi sync between mac and android


I opened a support ticket 11 days ago (Ticket #129187) but have yet to see meaningful progress. The initial reply from support was prompt, but subsequent responses have become increasingly delayed. Additionally, the support responses have not been effective in addressing the issue. As my confidence in a timely resolution wanes, I am posting here in hopes of receiving some additional guidance.

The issue involves WiFi-sync between my MacBook Pro and a newly acquired Android phone. While synchronization between my MacBook and my iPhone works seamlessly, the Android phone fails to sync despite the sync settings indicating a ‘good’ connection status (shown in green) on both my Android phone and MacBook. However, the main screen on the Android phone remains empty with no synced records.

My MacBook Pro is the main computer. The Android phone is an Oppo phone with Android 14. mSecure version is

Thank you for your help.


Hi Andy,

It looks like you received my email from earlier today. We'll keep our correspondence via that email thread from here on out.

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