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Update password with iOS native password selection

I would like to ask for a feature to be developed for the process of updating passwords in websites. When it comes time to update a password for a website you have two options, either create a new record for the same website or navigating to mSecure app and generating a new password in the dedicated record. I personally prefer not creating multiple records, which may cause confusion or errors and a manual task of merging two records to update a password. Id like to see this integrated into the mSecure password selection widget or whatever the term would be. It is the portion of the app that i interact with when accessing a record in a browser like Firefox or safari. Currently you can only search for existing records or create a new one. I think when creating a new record there could be an option to update an existing record. change/add password, same for username might be needed. Id also like the option for the previous password saved in the record as previous password. Most accounts this is not necessary but the option for some services might be a lifesaver if you have say older backups that used the previous password. I do this for my phone backups and they are usually encrypted with the unlock code which changes quarterly for me.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, the UI you are referring to here in Safari and Firefox is not able to be altered in any way. It's functionality and UI offered to 3rd party developers by Apple, and they do not give us any way to change the way it functions.

We believe there are options for creating our own Browser Extension for iOS, which is something on our radar. However, that's something we have to prioritize for an upcoming release in that's it's not simply making changes to already established UI. We have to develop that functionality from the ground up, so it will take some time to implement.

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