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identity theft?

I tried to login to my account but was told that my password was changed. I did not do so.

Hi Steve,

A password for an mSecure account cannot be changed outside of the app installed and signed in to a particular account. I checked the account for the email address you are using here in the forum, and it shows a password change was processed on your account on April 6th, 2 days ago. Again, the only way this could happen is if an mSecure app is signed in to your account, and I can see in our system that you have more than one type of device signed in to this account.

The only way someone can sign in to an account is if they know your account's email address, password and also have your mSecure's Encrypted Account Key. It's extremely unlikely that anyone would have access to all three of those items, and, again, without all three of them, it is impossible to sign in to an mSecure account.

How many devices do have running mSecure?

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