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Where to locate subscription/payment history?

Where can I find out my subscription history and my current fees, when owed, etc?   - a basic summary of the version I have, where the payment comes out of.   I got a receipt from Paddle and didn't think I had a yearly fee.

Hi Elizabeth,

At this time, there we don't have an option to check billing history for your account, though it is easy for me to check that for you. You can see if you have a subscription and what type of subscription you have in mSecure's Account Settings, or you can view this information in your account on our website -

One thing to mention, I checked your account in our system, using the email you have here in the forum, and I was able to find an account. However, the account actually does not have a subscription, so I don't know what's happening here. Can you send an email to support with your Paddle receipt attached to it so I can look into this further? As soon as I see the email, I will check on the details in the receipt and let you know what I find.

Please send the email and receipt to ""

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