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Iphone 15 Pro Max with Msecure V6.1.5 won't log-in

Changed the password on old phone (Iphone 11) but the new Iphone 15 won't log-in at all.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for contacting us. I believe you are running into a long-standing issue where your mSecure app gets disconnected from your online account. In this case, however, you shouldn't even be able to change the password from inside the app. Looking over your account, it appears this may have happened yesterday when you changed your password, so it might be possible for me to get some information from you to help us figure out the cause of this bug.

What did you do when you changed your password on your old phone? Did simply go to the Setting of the mSecure app and tap the "Change Password" option? If so, did anything strange happen when you went through the change password process? Do you remember if any error messages were displayed?

One other thing, what happens now when you open mSecure on your old phone? Are you able to enter the new password you set to open the app? If you have Touch or Face ID, please open mSecure now but do not let Touch/Face ID unlock the app for you. If it's Touch ID, don't tap your fingerprint to the scanner, and if you have Face ID, turn your face away from the phone when you open mSecure. Cancel out of the Touch/Face ID dialog, then enter your new password manually. Did mSecure unlock?

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