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Upgrading a license type

Hello, I am currently on a premium plan and have family members who would like the application as well. Is it possible to change my subscription plan midway through a period to the Family plan? How do I do that without having to recreate a new account or pay for a whole new service?

Hi Derek,

I can help you get your subscription upgraded to a Family subscription. Before I can do that, though, I need to get the email address you used for your subscription. I tried finding it with the email address you use here in the forum, but while I could find your account, I was not able to locate the subscription. Can you let me know what email address you use for your mSecure account?

If you would prefer not to type out your email here in the forum, we can move this to email support instead. If you would rather do that, go ahead and send an email to "" and then notify me here in this thread that it was sent. As soon as I see it, I'll respond.

Mike, I think I responded in email but not certain it got to you. I also cc’d the response to the support email address. I think it is under my “” email when I moved into the mSecure 6.x premium edition. I beleve my prior licenses may be under “”. If you are able to move me to a family account, that would be great. I think my annual subscription renews in March, so this would just reset my renewal period once you upgrade the subscription, correct? Derek Thomas

Just following up here after sending you an email Derek. Have a great New Year, and let me know if you need further assistance.

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