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2-Individual plans to Family. How?

How does one merge 2 individual plans (v4 days, > v5) 

to a family plan to get the 2 kids on board too?

We have 2 plans me and my spouse purchased long time ago, and wonder if it makes sense to get the family in such BF days.

Did get the message today: 

'As a V5 Pro user, we are also offering you 20% off mSecure Family Plans...."

Can we merge the 2 accounts somehow or how you suggest we plan this?



Hi George,

Thank you for contacting us! You can pretty easily upgrade to a Family subscription. The one thing you want to do is first make sure your wife's current subscription is cancelled, if she has one, because if you don't do that, it will continue to renew indefinitely in the future. Since I believe you and your wife had your own V5 Pro accounts, she probably just has an Essentials account through that V5 license, but if she is paying for an ongoing subscription, it should be cancelled. I can check on this in our system, but I don't know her email address for her account.

Once that is done, then we just need to get your account upgraded to a Family subscription, and then you can add your wife and the rest of your family to your plan. You can do that by simply clicking one of the links in the email your received. After you enter your email address, you'll see the discount get applied, and you can purchase the subscription.

Does that all make sense?

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