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IOS Auto fill not always reliable / what about MSecure specific keyboard instead of extensions?

I haven't kept a list of in instances on this yet but I have noticed more and more that auto fill is not always reliable, I think depending on the browser that I’m using or even sometimes, depending on the keyboard, I’m using whether it’s my usual iPhone keyboard or or Microsoft keyboard, etc., or I use or I suspect it sometimes dependent on the scenario (as in what I typed previous to needing to copy and paste the username and password somehow makes it impossible for me to avoid going in and out of the apps to get the credentials manually. It's not a frequent problem yet for me, but I’m noticing it more and more lately. Or maybe I've just gotten to used to the manual workaround which is a big bowl of no good if so. My suggestion: I wonder if there’s ever been any thought put into creating a custom mSecure-specific keyboard that’s connected to our passwords for easier (?) access to use credentials, save websites, or create new credential records etc?, with the same types of security and protection as our passwords use? or are the extensions more logical? Thanks for considering this suggestion, MSecure. And thanks in advance to anyone in the community, who can share any tips or best support links to make this easier and faster for me to learn if needed. Disclaimer : I am not. I repeat not a programmer or even moderately able to code / create these things. I understand a little bit more than an average user, but nothing really in the grand scheme of things lol so forgive me if this is illogical. I’ll start keeping a list of instances at some point if necessary. For now I will read through some of the previous topics and support articles for any solutions / insight For the existing features MSecure. I will hope for the best; maybe I’ll find something that I didn’t know about that solves this problem! I wanted to send in this suggested keyboard feature in the meantime though. Would be ideal in my opinion if there was a more consistent, reliable, and streamlined auto fill experience for me, so that’s what I’m seeking. More info if necessary - I noticed this, mostly on my iPhone because that’s where I use the MSecure app most often. It has also happened on my MacBook, as well as my Windows laptop that I use. Occasionally, I use different browsers for different reasons depending on what I’m working on , Google Safari edge, etc. Or switch to different keyboards using the globe feature on my iPhone keyboard - the standard Apple one look of course or the Google G board, Microsoft, SwiftKey, etc. Lastly, I think that one of those specific scenarios that this occurs with is when I have to answer questions (just one or multiple) on a website or fill out a form (again short or long one to a few entries or several), in addition to entering a username and password that already exist in my mSecure app.

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for contacting us. In cases like this, the only thing I can do is help to make sure the feature you are using is set up correctly and then try to explain how it's intended to work. For the browser extension on iOS, you should only expect it to work in the Safari Web Browser, and it should work very consistently. It won't be 100% because there are times when login forms and pages in 3rd party apps are created in a way that mSecure can't process them, but for the most part, the auto-filling of your data in mSecure should work without any problems.

The first thing I need to is have you reset the auto-fill feature to make sure it's set up correctly. This will also clear out any cached information stored in the extension that might be causing problems. To do that, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device
  2. Scroll down and tap "Passwords"
  3. Tap "Passwords"
  4. Turn off the "AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys" toggle at the top of the screen if it is already in the on position
  5. Force close mSecure, and wait for about a minute
  6. Go back to the "Passwords" screen in iOS Settings
  7. Turn on the "AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys" toggle at the top of the screen
  8.  Make sure ONLY mSecure is checked in the "USE PASSWORDS AND PASSKEYS FROM" section below

After turning off and turning on the AutoFill Passwords feature, did that have any effect on the problem Crystal?


iOS AutoFill can indeed be a convenient feature, but its reliability may vary, leading to frustration for users. One potential enhancement could be the integration of a dedicated keyboard for apps like mSecure instead of relying solely on extensions.

A specialized mSecure keyboard could offer a more seamless and secure experience by directly interfacing with the app. This approach might mitigate common AutoFill issues and enhance user confidence in password management. Such a keyboard could prioritize user authentication, ensuring a smoother login process and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Moreover, a dedicated keyboard could allow mSecure to implement additional security features and customizable options, catering to the specific needs and preferences of users. By providing a purpose-built input method, mSecure could potentially enhance both usability and security, offering a more streamlined and reliable solution for password management on iOS devices. This approach aligns with a user-centric design philosophy, emphasizing a balance between convenience and robust security measures. Ultimately, a mSecure-specific keyboard could address the existing limitations of iOS AutoFill, contributing to a more seamless and reliable password management experience for users.

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, I don't believe it's possible to create a dedicated keyboard for mSecure that would be able to be used in Safari or other web browsers or 3rd party apps, if that's what you're saying. iOS, and even Android now, keep very, very tight restrictions on what can and cannot be done when apps are working together on the same device. Features like iOS AutoFill are designed as APIs by Apple so 3rd party developers like mSeven Software can integrate functionality in other apps. However, it's not possible for us to simply decide to create something like a keyboard app and then it just work in whatever context we or the user would want it to on their devices.

That being said, I don't know that I fully understand what you're describing here. Do you have an example of this type of keyboard app that you currently use?

 When iOS AutoFill is unreliable, consider using a dedicated keyboard like mSecure's. It provides a seamless and secure solution, enhancing password management without relying on browser extensions. Streamlined and reliable.

Hi Nancy,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying mSecure is a dedicated keyboard for iOS AutoFill, or are you asking us to add a dedicated keyboard to the mSecure app for the purpose of augmenting iOS AutoFill functionality?

Thanks Mike, I just saw this and will try and let you know if I see any further issues.

@Crystal Sounds good. Let me know if you need further assistance.

I think this is a great suggestion. I would suggest offering this to a beta user group to help decide if this is feasible or not. Look at gboard, which is a google keyboard implementation that adds search functionality and expanded functionality to the system keyboard. This in theory would allow entering passwords on pages and some apps not properly formatted for auto complete passwords. Many government, healthcare and corporate websites are outdated and are not properly recognized as credential fields. Some websites like banks use a two step login that displays a username field first then after submission another page is displayed with the password field (hsbc or Bank of America did this at some point, rare) . In these cases you either memorize your username or need to manually retrieve your credentials. I also don’t know how much flexibility a keyboard add-in will help and how difficult some apps will make it to use. I would imagine there may bs an added bit of security because data would be accessed directly from the keyboard add-in vs copied in the background which could be revealed in some apps unintentionally.

It sounds like you're experiencing some inconsistencies with autofill across different platforms and scenarios, which can be frustrating. One potential solution could be the development of a custom mSecure-specific keyboard that securely integrates with your passwords for easier access and credential management. This could provide a more streamlined and reliable autofill experience tailored specifically to your needs. While I'm not a programmer myself, exploring options like browser extensions or leveraging existing features within mSecure may also help improve your workflow. Additionally, keeping track of instances where autofill doesn't work as expected could provide valuable insights for troubleshooting or future enhancements.

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