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Reminders/Alerts/Badges at Record Level

Would be great to have the ability to set a “reminder/alert” with full recurrence capabilities on each mSecure record. Think “birthdays”, “wedding anniversaries”, etc. Currently I have to recreate all of these in native OS systems (eg. iOS Reminders, Calendar, etc). Having it in mSecure would give me the ability to keep all of these type of data in one spot (with reminders) and not have to duplicate, etc. Could be incorporated with functions such as password expiration reminders, subscription expiration reminders, etc. These are also tasks that I have to keep track of in other apps. Thanks!

Hi Rick,

Thank you for the feature request! We have something similar on our radar now, but it's focus is primarily on Credit Card expiration notices. The feature is sort of two-fold in its functionality. There would be a way to link Credit Card record to different Logins and a way to set a reminder for when the Credit Card will expire in the future. That way, a week or two in advance, you would get some sort of notification the Credit Card was going to be expiring so you could be ready to update any accounts, like subscriptions, that may be reliant upon that card.

We also thought about doing something for password expiration reminders, but I'm pretty sure we deferred that in light of the Security Center's "Old Passwords" tab. In that tab, you will see all passwords that are 3+ months, 6+ months and 9+ months old. Are you thinking it would be good to set a manual reminder for the password expiration instead of simply knowing the age of a password in order to keep it fresh? If so, can you give me use case for when that would come in handy? Do you have a particular account, for example, that expires your password and it's important to know ahead of time?

Your idea about subscription reminders is very intriguing. It made me think it could be good to add a new type of record, or at least new functionality with regards to subscription type Logins. That type of record would have an expiration date field in it for the subscription, a link to a Credit Card record, and it would need to have reminders for both of those items when they are about ready to expire. That could be a very helpful addition to mSecure.

Hi Mike,

I was aware you guys are working on the credit card expiration notices. Another function I need/support. So thanks for that!

With regard to password reminders, I was thinking about a “manual” reminder that I can set. Prime example, my work user account (single sign-on) password expires every 60 days. I get an email reminder but you know how messy/overlooked email inboxes can be.  A reminder capability within mSecure would carry much more weight for me to “look at” (as it’s my app with my sensitive data in it) than an auto-generated email from Microsoft.  Hope I’m making sense. 

Subscription reminders are currently a big issue for me. Between streaming services, software services, Apple subscriptions, etc. it becomes extremely cumbersome to manage. I have created a “reminder list” in iOS reminders to help me with it but I’d prefer that I could do it all in mSecure so I don’t have to duplicate entries, notes, etc., and the reminder part is crucial especially for things like annual subscriptions that you don’t think about daily.  Basically just looking for a pop-up reminder and “red badge” functionality (obviously I use Apple iOS and MAC) to alert me ahead of the auto renewal so I can make a decision to keep or cancel said subscription.

It doesn’t have to be specific to any type of record.  Even just an overarching “reminder” function for every record/record type would work. Much like appointment alerts in the calendar or reminders apps on our phones.  This generic alert functionality would help with all of the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. that I keep in mSecure (as I try to keep my calendar and contacts clear of that kind of data).

Hope this is helpful.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for replying!

First, I was aware of the plans for the credit card expiration notices/linkage to other records.  I need that functionality as well and am all for it!

With respect to password expiration reminders, I was recommending a way to create a "manual" reminder.  Primary example, my work network password expires every 60 days.  I do receive an automated email but you know how email inboxes can be.  I would be much more in tune to an alert from the mSecure app where I know that my sensitive/important information (passwords, etc.) are housed.  I do use the Security Center as well but I use that for a different purpose - to simply update old/potentially compromised passwords (some/many of which do not "auto expire").

Subscription reminders have become a big deal for me (and I assume others) who are trying to keep track of the ever-growing number of offerings that I pay for as subscriptions.  Examples include streaming services, softward subscriptions, Apple subscriptions, Amazon subscriptions, credit card annual fees, etc., etc.  This is especially important for subscriptions that are annual.  I don't think about them monthly and as such want to be alerted before they autorenew for another year.  A reminder allows me the option to be reminded and to review the subscription ahead of the autorenewal (which they all have).  I would like it to be an alert that I can set for the date of my choosing and with a recurrence cycle that the user can set (much like you would do for calendar invitations, etc.).

Also, I think it is important to not  limit the reminders function to a specific type of "record" (my opinion).  I continue to find new ways to use mSecure.  One example, I document vaccination schedules in there and would like a reminder capability to pop up the next year when that vaccination/status needs to be updated, etc.  I also mentioned birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  I try not to put those on my calendar (it's busy enough already) or in my contacts (which end up on calendar) and instead use mSecure as the source of truth.  Unfortunately, I have had to reproduce all of them in another app (I have used iOS Reminders) so that I can create the alerts that I want for those items.

Hope you might find some of this feedback helpful.

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