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Enter hard return directly in a field?

Has anyone found a way, other than initiating/formatting from another application such as text file, to enter hard returns in your field data?  So far, only the Notes field (from mSecure) is where this is allowed directly.   I can’t find anything (so far) in topics or FAQ about field formatting and if any fields allow hard return usage.  If not, one answer might be to have a field added that allows hard returns (I understand initially why this might present an issue with many fields but maybe like with password and text that have variations, this could also).  I could as a work around, create my empty template and store things in the mSecure auto Notes field included with every template you create…. But I’ve found many reasons to insert hard returns such as with one time recovery keys.  The virtual world is starting to have too many choices and “specializations” so you managing this thing here, another thing there, and soon you’re managing the 12 things managing your other things.  I like how flexible mSecure is for managing my farm, passwords, equipment SNs, you name it.  The fact you can create templates and reuse them makes it extremely powerful.  Maybe allowing us to have a few format features would up that even more.

Hi Pamalam,

Thank you for getting in touch with us! I don't believe anyone will have a better solution than you have described here, but you never know. We have some pretty resourceful users, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone chimed in telling me something new =)

I think the best thing here would be to add this a feature request. All I need to do is get a good description of the use case you have, and that will get the ball rolling. I really just need to understand one good example of why it's needed.

In your post, you mentioned the "time recovery keys" example. Can you flesh that out a bit for me? After I understand what you're needing, I'll add this one to our feature request list.


First: a password restricted field allowing hard returns, and to copy and paste individual codes. Google and Zoom are two examples, who offer 10 recovery keys. They are assigned and one recovers an entire locked out account when other recovery methods fail (eg don’t have the 2FA phone anymore to get reset).  These are hyper crucial to keep encrypted. They offer you 10 generally, and so you’d use one at a time.  Ideally they need separate lines and ability to copy any of the individual lines and not the whole field. Sometimes they have spaces (on purpose) eg xxxxx xxxxx is one key, so again the user should control line returns and breaks. You wouldn’t want to add punctuation in current case so you can see how you’d lose the code quickly without hard returns.  Note sometimes the online provider won’t allow you to copy paste, such as apple with their account recovery key which is insanely long…so hand typing (and hard returns) are more critical. I currently have to store mine multi ones unencrypted. Not what I’d prefer.
A second use is 2FA security words. Often there are three. Sometimes you need to store both the question and answer, or your answer might be a phrase. Again, a hard return keeps your three choices neat and easy down the road.  Currently I store mine individually, replacing the field name with the question, and the encrypted answer is just that. But some may want to encrypt the question because it might be easy to guess.  A third:  offer a bullet style format field with multiple entries, such as previous passwords (gmail asks for these in account recovery).  

Second field type is for a non encrypted field - bullet style - would be helpful if you store a history of prior data like addresses, phone numbers, schools, and a host of other things. All are things if in a single wrapping line, even with semi colons, become a messy string.  Right now I put everything in a text doc then copy/ paste over. But if I have to change any of the info, I have to cut it from Msecure, paste it to text, make the change, then paste the corrected/updated back to Msecure. Would be nice to eliminate the middle man!  I do previous addresses, phone numbers, emails, as a few examples. 

Thank you for describing the use cases your encountering. Before I write up a feature request, I have a few things to clarify.

First, in reference to the 10 security keys, I'm pretty sure we would simply create a multi-line "sensitive" field where you could show/hide the data stored in it. You could think of it like a multi-line Password field or a sensitive Note field. Either way, you would be able to hide and reveal data stored in a multi-line field.

However, I wanted to talk about this one first. What I do in this case in my mSecure account is simply add 10 additional record-level password fields to my Google Login, and then I add each of the keys to those fields. Then if it comes time to use them, I simply click the copy button to the right of the first key and paste it in to the site. If that one doesn't work, I make copy the next one, and so on. I would think this would be more efficient in the end when it came time to use the codes, because then you don't have to select and copy a particular code. You simply click the clipboard button to copy it to the clipboard.

What are your thoughts on this?

Second, for the non-encrypted, bullet-style field, I'm not exactly sure how that would work. We have thought about adding a multi-line field, like having a custom Note field you could add to a record, but formatting is tricky. mSecure really isn't designed to have text formatting, though I'm not saying it would be out of the question. My thoughts are that if you had a multi-line field, you could use special character entries like "alt + 8" (on Mac), which adds a bullet point. It doesn't automatically add a new bullet point for each line, since that's like a text formatting app, but you can manually add one now in Note fields, on a Mac at least. There are other key combinations we could find as well, but I just wanted to get this out first.

My main question, since I'm nearly certain we won't be adding text formatting to any of the fields, do you still think it's needed to have a custom, non-encrypted multi-line field in addition to the Note field?

Also, please do add any feedback to what I've said here in this post. This how we work to good decisions with new features. Either something in the app will already provide a solution, or as we define the problem, we find the best solution we can for a new feature.

Replying to your questions. Great ones and appreciate your asking:

First: Google gives you all ten keys in one copy paste opportunity. Yes, saving 10 separate copy paste line as a sensitive field, helps. I am thinking from logistics that Google, and others, aren’t flexible on how they give you the keys. And that is of course subject to change. Note: these keys are one time usage too. Once used, you can’t reuse (so the user has to erase or notate they used it in Msecure, if they are like me and put use dates). I’m probably not your average user

Hi Pamalam,

With regards to using recovery keys for a Google account, I would simply delete the field, because it is no longer able to be used. If you would like to keep record of the usage, you could add "Used on - XX/XX/XX" to the field label, then re-order it to the bottom of the list. I know that isn't the most user-friendly functionality, but it should work. If there were a lot of sites that used this same methodology, we could simply create a "Recovery Key" field in mSecure, and it would have all sorts of functionality baked into it, like auto-labeling the fields, maybe a "Used" check box, and so-on. But since this is something only Google, Zoom and a few other sites implement, I don't believe we would put that much effort into the feature.

At this point, what are your thoughts about adding "Used on - XX/XX/XX" to the key's field label?

Also, I didn't see any feedback regarding the bullet-style field response I gave. Since I'm almost sure we won't be adding text formatting to any of the fields, do you still think it's needed to have a custom, non-encrypted multi-line field in addition to the Note field? Does the response I gave in my last post make sense or am I missing something important in your specific use-case?

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