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Msecure renewed 8-10-23 Premium $14.99

I had in the past Msecure on my PC when I had my company.  The company is long gone.  I loaded MSecure on my iphone and it is working with face id.

I would like to sync my Iphone to my PC - is that possible?

Hi Ruth,

Thank you for contacting us. I see you posted here and in a different thread letting us know you think you have two different accounts for mSecure, one on your iPhone and one on your PC. We'll handle all issues you may be dealing with here in this one thread to keep the correspondence consolidated.

In your other email, you mentioned having an account for your "" and "" email addresses. However, I was only able to find one account, and that account is using your "" email address. That account does have an active Premium subscription, so we need to get all your device's mSecure apps signed in to that account, and you should be good moving forward. You'll be able to keep all devices signed in to that account in sync with one another.

Real quick, you mentioned your PC's mSecure app being signed in to your "" account. However, as mentioned above, I'm not seeing an account in our system with that email address. Can you let me know why you think that app is signed in to an account with that email address?

Also, to move forward, we'll need to get all your data into your mSecure app signed in to your "" account. Currently, on your iPhone, do you see all your information in that mSecure app?

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