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Face Recognition on Windows Hello - discrepancy from fingerprint auth


I'm a very long time user of mSecure and it's been a part of my daily life for years, actually probably over a decade.  Awesome work everybody!

One small (but  fairly annoying) thing that's been bugging me about mSecure on Windows, is how face recognition - once verified, doesn't immediately move on to the app itself like fingerprint authentication does.

To explain:

1.  I have a PC (Windows 11) that has both a fingerprint reader and a Windows Hello compatible camera, both enrolled into Windows Hello.

2.  If I place my finger on the fingerprint reader, as soon as my print is recognized - the Windows Hello prompt disappears and I go directly into the app.

3.  However, if I use face recognition, as soon as my face is recognized - the Windows Hello prompt stays, and just changes to say "Select OK to Continue", and sure enough - I have to then click the OK button in order to move on (see attached screenshot).  For comparison - when using face recognition to login - it just works with no need to click or press anything, in fact - you sometimes don't even get to see the login prompt because you're may be authenticated before it's displayed and you'd go straight into the desktop.

I can't think of a legitimate reason of why the "Select OK" behavior would be desirable, and I'm wondering whether that can be fixed.  I realize it might just be the way Windows Hello implements the different auth options, but I'm hoping that there's some way to tell the API not to wait for OK after a face is recognized.

Thanks again for an awesome product, and I hope you get to manage to find a way to make it even slightly more awesome!

Hi Zeev,

Thank you for contacting us. So far as I'm aware, the choice to use face recognition in the list is not something we have control over. For some reason, Windows does not make you confirm when you use your fingerprint , but it does when you use face recognition. It's been like that for as long as I can remember.

Real quick, if it's possible to change this, then it should work differently in other 3rd party apps. Do you happen to have a different 3rd party app that requires Windows Hello to open? If so, does it not make you click OK to move on after your face is recognized? If not, can you let me know the name of that app?

Hi Mike,

I didn't have any additional apps that use Windows Hello, but I quickly downloaded and setup 1Password to check - and unfortunately it suffers from the same annoynace.

I guess I have to take it up with Microsoft...



No problem at all Zeev! I'm very happy we didn't miss something, though if we did, then we would have been able to fix it. If they ever do make it possible for this part of Windows Hello to be changed, we will do it right away, because it is a hassle.

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