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Please check my subscription that I have already paid for to renew subscription for $21.54

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you experiencing some type of problem with your subscription? Why is it that you need me to check it for you?

Please check my renew subscription that I already paid $21.54 via my credit card.  Please check to see if you received my payment for renew from May 6th 2023 to May 5th 2024.


So far as I can see in our system, it doesn't look like you should have been billed yet for the renewal of your subscription. You signed up for the subscription on May 6th of 2022, so you will billed for it around that same day this year. I suppose it's possible that you were already charged for the renewal, and in that case, it would simply mean our system is still processing the charge.

Can you wait until May 7th to see if your subscription is renewed in the Account Settings of the mSecure app? If you don't see the expiration date get pushed out to May 6th of 2024 by then, let me know and I'll look into this further.

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