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Modify date update

Hello. I just recently updated to v6.1, and I noticed the creation/modified date is now visible on the preview page of a record on iOS. This is great update to this view, but I noticed the modified date updates after revealing a concealed fields such as a passwords. I feel like this action shouldn't do that. Is there a way to fix that?

Oh yes Jonathan...I see that issue as well.

Oddly, on my pc laptop, the record does not show the changed modified date...even after syncing, the new date does not show properly.

Hey Guys,

I'm talking to our developer about this, but I do need to explain why nothing is actually broken. The problem is actually in the name of the date field in the record's details.

There are two dates that get updated on records. One is used for keeping records sorted properly in the "Recents" filter, and one is used for sorting on the main view. The reason for the difference is that "Recents" should reflect record usage and not just modifications. You may not modify the data for a record that is used more than any other record, so that record not being in the Recents filter would be a strange user experience.

There is a bug here, but it's only a display bug. The functionality in the app is working correctly. The iOS version of mSecure is simply showing the wrong date next to "Modified."

To be clear, when you "Use" a record, ie. reveal a password, tap on a URL field, tap on a field copy it's data to the clipboard, and other actions, the used date is getting updated in the database, and that does cause the app to sync in order for the Recents sort order to stay in sync on all your devices. It's just that date should not be displayed to the user anywhere in the app. In the next release, the actual "Modified Date" will be displayed, and the issue will be fixed. The "Modified" date will only change when you change the data for a record.

Also, the "Modified" date in the Mac, Windows and Android versions are working correctly.

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