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Records displaying "No title"

Suddenly with mSecure version 6 = many of my records are displaying "No title"...

This is on my iphone and also laptop ????

Hi Noella,

This is not something we have seen before, so I don't know what could causing it to happen. Really quick, have you been able to download version 6.1.1 yet for your iPhone? If so, did this happen after your installed the new version?

One other thing Noella, does it look like those "No title" records have been added to your database, or are they new records on top of your normal records? What I'm trying to determine is, are records that you had before now showing up as "No title," or are they records that weren't in your database before?

This is something that is happening on my sisters iphone Mike... the whole "no title" thing... I've been trying to trouble shoot with her but her phone and laptop are only showing the records displayed in the screen shot image I attached.

As for version 6.1.1. I'm not seeing anywhere to download that from ???

she has 52 records in her database and suddenly her titles of each record was changed to "no title"  - so these are records that she had before that suddenly appear as "no title".  I'm thinking she should probable restore an earlier backup ??? 

Before restoring from a backup, can you let me know what the email is for her account? If you want, we can move things over to email support instead, since you may not want to write out her email in the forum. In fact, you can simply respond to the email you sent with your log file if you would like.

email has been sent

I have added another image to show what appears on my laptop for mSecure...all those "no title" records...  All the info for each record is missing... (ie. username, password, etc..)

Mike...the old version of mSecure is still on her iphone (version 4.5.4) and all the records still display properly with that old version (except that with that version she has 46 records - and with the new version she has 50 some)

I'm still not sure what's happening here, so I'm going to have to talk to our Windows developer about this tomorrow morning. I will get back to you after he tells me how he'd like to troubleshoot the problem.

Also, real quick, do you know if your sister had the auto-backup feature turned on for Windows? If so, it's possible to find a backup that's much newer than the data in mSecure 4. Also, if she was using mSecure on her iPhone, you could check the "Backups" screen in mSecure's Settings to see if there is a recent backup to restore from. You should see at least 5 backups in that screen. 

Go ahead and check for that backups, but if possible, don't restore from one yet. I want to see if the developer has any ideas on what happened before we do anything else.

She did not have auto backup on her laptop. Even on her phone…the best backup she has is dated October 2022 I have told her to not restore from backup until I hear from you

Hey Noella, I just responded to your in our email thread. We can go ahead and keep our correspondence for that issue in that thread from here on out unless you would rather discuss it here in the forum.

So everyone is aware...the issue was resolved by restoring to a previous backup...but certainly something we'll keep an eye on.

Thank you for this response @Noella. I will add that if anyone else runs in to this issue, please do contact us either here in the forum or via email at If this is happening on a widespread level, we've really got to get it figured out soon.

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