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Multiple phone #'s for 2FA

 Thank you for 2FA support.  So happy to see this finally happen!

Would it be possible to add support for more than 1 phone #?  At present it represents a single point of failure to have it tied to just one.  Thank you for considering.


 On 2nd thought it's not a single point of failure as long as one of the other 2FA options is also enabled.  But it can still be handy to list a backup # just in case of loss or failure of primary mobile phone.

Hi Mitch,

Thank you very much for the feedback on the 2FA feature! We didn't even think of this option when we developed the feature, so this is good to get on the radar. I'm not sure if or when we will add this, but I will bring it to the attention of the development team, and I'll add it as a feature request. I do have to say though, since there are three different options for 2FA and all of them can be active simultaneously that I doubt it will get high on the priority list. This will be one where we'll wait to hear more feedback from customers to assess the need as we continue development.

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