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File Attachment Limit

Please remove the limit on file attachments - with mSecure 6.1 we have the welcome addition of being able to store any type of file as an attachment but unfortunately a limit of 5 files has been introduced.

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Thanks!  This is great news.

I was really surprised that there was a 5 attachment limit while offering a premium upgrade? I have been a customer for many years and I have a lot of files which I use when I needed to. I am also thinking that with my grandfathered Essentials Account that feels like a take away from me so now on the fence about upgrading or May have to look elsewhere. All my relatives use it and when they found out about the limit were also not happy about this product now. If I can’t use it like I used to then May be time to look elsewhere.

@Ben Did you see my last post? Also, did you read the post where I explained the reasoning for restrictions in 6.1?

It's something we had to do because now it's possible to add incredibly large video, pdf, zip, etc. files that were never possible before. The restrictions are not meant to make your life more difficult. It's simply necessary with the opening up of more flexibility with attachments. In the next release, there will be no restrictions on how many attachments are added to a record, and the overall restriction is 500 MB instead of 200 MB.

Is the 6.1 the same price as the premium or is that another price? When is that coming out?

@Ben 6.1 has already been published in all of the app stores. In this version, you have four subscription choices: Essentials, Premium, Family and Team. Essentials and Premium are the same price as they were when 6.0 was released. Family and Team are new plans, where Family is $4.99/mo when billed yearly and $5.99/mo when billed annually. The Team plan is more specific to a business environment, so let me know if you need more information about that one.

So, will I need to update to 6.1?

@Ben 6.1 is simply an upgrade to 6.0. If you were already running 6.0, and you have automatic updates turned on for the store apps on your devices, I would imagine your devices would have already downloaded the 6.1 updates. Do you know that your devices have not downloaded 6.1 yet?

Yes it says 6.1.2. So do I need to upgrade to premium to have the limit on 5 attachments?

@Ben I'm not exactly sure what you mean. In 6.1, there is an attachment limit. You don't have to upgrade to Premium to see the limits. 6.1.2 has a 5 attachment limit for records and a 200 MB limit for the entire DB. What you would get in version 6.1 if you had a Premium subscription is the ability to add any type of file as an attachment. Currently, you can only add photos and text files to your records.

Sorry, I misunderstood. So, I just have to wait until the next update to get the 5 attachment limit removed? And not have to upgrade to premium? Thanks

No problem at all Ben. And you are correct. When version 6.1.3 is released, which should be over the next couple days, you will no longer have the 5 attachment limit per record, and the overall limit for all attachments will be increased to 500 MB.

Thanks for the quick response Mike!! Looking forward to the new update. Thanks again.
Hi Mike, not sure what happened but I can’t even add any pictures anymore to my account. I thought that the limit was fixed but now even 1 picture does not attach.

You should not have any problems adding pictures to your records. Are you saying you see a message telling you you've reached a size limit when you try to add a photo attachment? Can you either attach a screenshot of the error message or type out exactly what the message says?

There is no error message. When I attach a picture it and save it, it goes back to the entry without the picture attached. And it keeps doing that.

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