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IOS 12.5.7

msecure 16.1 not working with iOS 12.5.7. Please fix this ASAP.

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what's happening here, but if you were running mSecure 6.0 on your iPhone, mSecure 6.1 should also be supported. Can you tell me what's happening when you try to open mSecure now after updating to 6.1? Also, do you have access to your information in mSecure running on a different device?

Updating from 6.08 to 6.1 crashed mSecure on all my old devices running iOS 12.5.7. Now when open the app, all I get is a blank screen which quickly returns to the home screen. I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling and rebooting to no avail. 6.1 works fine on my newer iOS devices running the latest OS.

Can you let me know what type of devices your older iOS devices are? Also, you're sure all of them are running 12.5.7?

Same problem running  iOS 12.5.7 iPad mini 2 Model ME280LL/A

Crashes when opening app after updating from the App Store.

On iPad mini 3 iOS 15.x and iPad Pro  iOS 16.4.1 no problem.

Ok, our developer is looking into this issue, but we don't know what could be causing the crashing at this point. Real quick, can both of you let me know when mSecure is crashing? Does it crash before you are taken to the lock screen where you have to enter your password or use Touch/Face ID to unlock the app? If you are seeing the lock screen, does it crash after you enter your password or try to use Touch/Face ID to unlock it?

Also, I would like to get some crash logs from you both. To locate Crash Logs on your iOS device:

1. Open the Settings app

2. Navigate to "Privacy & Security > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data"

3. Type "mSecure" into the search field at the top of the screen (you may have to tap & hold and scroll down to see the search field)

4. Tap the newest crash log in the list, which you can see by looking at the time/date stamp in the name of the .ips file

5. Select all the text, tap ‘Copy’ and then paste it into an email to

After you have sent the crash logs, please post here in this thread so I know to look in our email support for the logs. I'll get them over to our developer for analysis as soon as I see them.

I just e-mailed you my latest crash log for mSecure. I've got a bunch of them but I assume they are all the same.
I never get to enter my user name and password. It just crashes and goes back to the Home Screen.

Thank you for the crash logs. I just sent the file over to our developer for analysis and let him know you said it's crashing before you get to enter your password.

We are working on a 6.1.1 build now, and we hope to get this issue resolved for that release. Would you be willing to download the latest beta of 6.1.1 after our developer implements a fix for the crashing? If so, is your Apple ID for your iOS device the same email as you use here in the forum?

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