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Web Password

I can’t login to: I do have access to mSecure on all of my devices. Can you comment: How do I reset the password for the website above? Is that website password separate from my mSecure app password? How/When do I use the QR code? I’m just afraid of messing something up and losing my data. I have read many of the support articles related to “reset password”, but don’t think I found the answer. Thanks Very Much! Sorry to bother you about this, but I just can’t seem to find what I need.

Hi Jeffrey,

As long as you are able to open mSecure on your devices, and the app is accepting your password, you should have no problems signing in to your account on The website account system on simply signs you in to your account, which is the same account you are signed in to on your devices.

Real quick, when you open mSecure on your devices, what email address do you see at the top of both lock screens? Is it the same email address? Also, are you able to manually enter your password into both apps and is it accepted?

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