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Getting set up is the worst onboarding experience I've ever had

I've been ported my passwords and tried to use mSecure and it just flat out doesn't work with either Safari or chrome. They send me volumes and volumes of information to read in assimilate to try to figure out where the problem is and it's exhausting if someone wants to tell me what the solution is I'd be thrilled. But at this point I'm thinking I'm giving up on this company who clearly has not spend any time thinking about the on boarding process or making it easy for people. Not impressed at all.

Hi Jodie,

I just sent you an email yesterday offering you help, but I haven't received a response from you yet. Did you get that email?

I let you know I would love to hear your feedback on the onboarding process and any other feedback you might have about mSecure. However, right now, I simply want to help you use the feature you're trying to use, because it shouldn't be as difficult as you're describing. Yes, we have help articles for both the Safari Password Auto-Fill feature and the Chrome/Firefox Browser extension. The Password Auto-Fill article is not that long though, so I'm not sure what you are referring to with "volumes" of information we're sending you. The Browser Extensions article is much longer, because the feature set is much, much more in-depth than the Safari Auto-Fill feature. Since it has to go over all the features, I'm not sure how it could be shorter. At any rate, both those articles go over how to set them up at the beginning in just a couple of paragraphs. I don't know why you think it should be less than that.

If you are referring to the FAQ that gets sent out to you automatically when you send in an email, it's just a list of frequently asked questions. If what you need can be answered by one of the points in the FAQ, then wonderful! You don't have to wait for a response from one of our reps. If not, then wait for a response, and we'll help you individually. Again, I don't understand why you think you're being inundated with volumes of information. We're trying to send anything we can automatically to help you in the quickest way possible, which means there is going to be some information that won't be useful, because we don't even know what you need help with. Does that make sense?

At any rate, if you can tell me specifically what is happening when you do what you are trying to do, I should be able to help you very quickly with the issue. However, I can't help if all I'm receiving is what you don't like about the onboarding process.

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