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Upgrade mScure to lastest version

I have an old version of mSecure, I had recently actualizer to last version, but unfortunately not all the list were actualized to new version,   fruthermore 2 of my debit cards of different banks were use on fraud transactions.

Please advise how to actualized to last Secure version....



Hi Juan,

Thank you for contacting us. I would need to get more information from you as to try to figure out what has gone wrong with the import of your data. We are not aware of any issues that cause data to be lost when going from an older version of the app to mSecure 6, so what you are describing is not a known bug.

First, however, I need to address what you said about your credit cards. Again, I would need to have more information on which version you were using and who may have had access to your devices, but your mSecure data cannot be hacked. The only way someone would be able to get the information you store in the app is if they know your password and have your device in the old app, or if they known your email address, know your password and have access to your encrypted account key in the new app. Also, in the new app, if you're not using mSecure Cloud syncing, then they would also have to have access to your Dropbox or iCloud account. And if you are using Wi-Fi syncing, in any version of mSecure, the only way they could access your data is if they got access to one of your devices and they knew the password you use to unlock mSecure. In the end, it's incredibly unlikely that anyone was able to get access to your data, even if they get access to one of your devices.

Now, for the upgrade, do you still have the old mSecure app installed on at least one of your devices? If so, are you able to open the app and view your information?

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