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MacBook (2021) M1 Pro 16" - Fingerprint ID stopped working on mSecure 5

a few years ago, I purchased an mSecure 5 license when it first became available but, like others reporting on this forum, I've been downgraded to 'essentials' as I didn't want to subscribe to v6. Today, my fingerprint ID stopped working on my MacBook, but my Iphone facial recognition is still operating normally. The automatic (forced downgrade) to essentials isn't what I paid for when I signed up to v5. 

What kind of 'new business model' treats its past customers like this?

Hi Gurmit,

I don't understand what you mean here. You haven't been downgraded. If you paid for an mSecure 5 Pro license in the past, you now have an mSecure 6 Essentials account. A v5 Pro license and a v6 Essentials license are very similar. The difference is, you get more features with a v6 Essentials account than you do with a v5 Pro license. All v5 Pro features are included in an Essentials account, but you also get other features that weren't included in mSecure 5.

Does that make sense? You get more in mSecure 6 than you did in mSecure 5 if you paid for a v5 Pro license. Now, with that in mind, what do you mean when you ask the question, "What kind of new business model treats its past customers like this?" If you get everything and more than you had before without having to pay any money, how are we treating you poorly? Aren't we treating you better than we did in the past version?

In regards to the issue you're experiencing, I have no idea what's happening, but it can be explained in different ways. You could be signed in to the wrong account, which is usually the case when this kind of thing happens. There could be some glitch happening with Touch ID on your MacBook. There could be other things I haven't encountered yet going wrong. I don't know what it is, but what is happening is not because we have decided to treat our existing customers poorly.

Do you want to to try to troubleshoot what's going wrong?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your prompt reply. 

I have now updated my MacBook M1 Pro to the latest version of OS Monterey and the fingerprint recognition issue is resolved. I wrongly thought it was a downgrade caused by the automatic change to mSecure 6 Essentials.  I accept your point that mSecure 5 features are integrated in the Essentials platform and that additional features have been added.

So, my apologies for ranting, it appears you do look after all your customers.

Kind regards,


No problem at all Gurmit. It's great to hear everything is working as it should now after updating your MacBook. Please let me know should you need further assistance.

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