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MS-Premium Account Info & use on other devices

Greetings & Happy New Year mSecure Ladies & Gentlemen ...

And Now the "issue" description ;-)

I have  been unable to authenticate the MS 6 App on my wife's iPhone 14.


My account is a -legacy- 'Premium' Account.  We have (fully operational-accessble) mSecure 6x  on our iMac, iPad, and my iPhone 8 ... ... however, I have not been able to activate/authenticate the MS-6x App on my wife new iPhone 14.   


I have the PassWord to access the MS-6x App on all three operational devices (iMac, iPhone-mine, iPad), BUT, I have tried to use the password and QR-Code without success to activate the App on my wife's new iPhone 14.   


1.  Is my Premium MS Account limiting my ability to install/use the App on the additional iPhone 14?

2.  Where may I view the details of my mSecure Account/Billing/Details, etc.?

3.  How may I address/solve this mystery?

Thank You for Assisting to understand, and/or solve this mystery!


Hi Dennis,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not entirely sure what's happening here, but it could be that your mSecure apps are not communicating with your account online. It's hard to tell when you're using Wi-Fi syncing, but some of the information I can see on your account tells me this may be the cause. What happens is something goes wrong when a password change is done, which you did back in February of 2019, and after the password is changed, the apps stop communicating with the account. We know when the issue happens, but we have been unsuccessful in figuring exactly what is happening.

To answer your question, you should not have any problems setting up mSecure on your wife's device. Your subscription covers all devices you and your wife uses, so this is not an issue of you reaching some sort of limit.

The only way to figure out if you are running into the issue I think you might be is if you try to change the sync feature on your account to mSecure Cloud syncing. If the sync feature can be set, then that means the app is able to communicate with your account online. If the sync feature can't be set, that means the app is disconnected. I'm going to have you try doing this, and if it can be set, you will be able to turn it off, which will remove any encrypted data that gets uploaded to our server. This is only a temporary step to figuring out exactly what the problem is.

Go ahead and open mSecure on your iPhone, tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines), then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, tap Sync Settings and try to turn on mSecure Cloud syncing. Does the setting stick? If it does, please leave it set until I can look at your account to confirm everything looks the way it should.

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