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Passcode on Apple Watch

I added some passwords from my mSecure (version 5) on my Apple Watch (se 2022 model) but it doesn’t ask me for the 4 digit secure passcode each time I click on the app from my Apple Watch. Is there a way to have it so you require to enter the 4 digit code each time you select the app on your watch? just like when you use the mobile version on your iPhones. I’m afraid if there is no passcode then anyone can click on the app from the watch and view some passwords.

Hi Raquel,

Thank you for contacting us. The Apple Watch app is primarily protected by the code needed to unlock your watch. For example, if you were to take your watch off of your wrist, no one can can get access to any app on the watch unless they know the passcode for unlocking the watch itself. Therefore, any app you have on the watch cannot be accessed either. In short, there is no way to cause mSecure on the watch to lock every time you place the app in the background, and that is by design.

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