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Old to new

The old version won’t work. I reluctantly bought you new version but the data from the old one did. It transfer over.

I responded to your other post. Please refrain from throwing out baseless accusations and threats before understanding what's happening. It does not help anyone, including you.

What do you mean when you say the old version won't work? Did you set up an mSecure 6 account using the same email address you use here in the forum?

Also, to be clear, whatever it is you are experiencing in mSecure 4 is not by our design. That version of the app has not been supported for over 5 years and recent releases of iOS are now starting to cause it to malfunction. To be clear, when an app is no longer supported, that means it will never be updated regardless of what causes it to break. Also, to be even more clear, the app breaking is not by our design. It's simply what happens when the OS keeps on being developed and the app installed stays in an older, unsupported state. It's just the way app development works and the reason we added the "IMPORTANT!!" message that gets displayed in the older version of the app to warn our customers of the need to upgrade.

It’s clear to me and many others that you are running a scam. I bought a program from you. I put dozens of passwords in it and now you are charging me a monthly fee to access them. I will pay the fee because I need those passwords but even after paying I can’t access m old passwords.

Explain to me how this is a scam. And when you explain it, do so with the full understanding you have been running an app that has not been updated for over 5 years. When an app is no longer supported, it is not updated for any reason. We have added messaging in the app to let all our customers know that recent versions of iOS have been breaking the app for certain customers so that you would not have to go through exactly what you are going through here. mSecure 6 is now two full versions past mSecure 4, so that version of the app will not be updated, ever. The best we could do is try to warn you so you wouldn't have to go through what you are going through now.

On top of that, mSecure 6 can get you out of the jam you're in if you want to start using it. If you don't, then all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that reinstalling a more than 5 year old app will work in the newest iOS. If it does work, then you'll have to restore from a backup that you made before it stopped working. If you are able to do that you will need to keep your fingers crossed, because at any time in the future mSecure 4 could break again with a new iOS update.

To be clear Glenn, this is not a conspiracy against the customers we value. This is simply the way application development works. When an app is no longer supported, it doesn't get updated. The company gives you an option to upgrade to a version of the app that will always be supported, which in mSecure's case is version 6. If you want to upgrade, you have all the options you need to avoid the problem you are experiencing now. If you don't want to upgrade, then you run into issues where the iOS implements breaking changes for an app that cannot work in the new context. Again, no conspiracy, no grand plan to squeeze more money out our customer base. It's simply the consequences of not upgrading to a supported version of the app.

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